How to protect the skin from chlorine

How to protect the skin from chlorine

If you are a pool lover you will have asked yourself the problem of understanding how to protect the skin from chlorine and what damage this substance can cause. Perhaps initially we do not realize much of its impact but in the long run our skin can really get out of it severely damaged, better think about it in time. It costs very little to pay attention to it and avoid finding yourself with dry, dehydrated and irritated skin.

Whether you go to the pool only in summer, to cool off, or all year round, to do some sport, it is better to protect your skin from the chlorine that is needed in all pools to kill bacteria that populate such busy waters.

How to protect the skin from chlorine: tips

As soon as we emerge from the pool, do not put ourselves in the sun to dry, reading or chatting because in this way we leave time for the chlorine to act and damage our skin. With a little willpower we go immediately in the shower and let's wash vigorously using neutral and low foaming products to clean ourselves, so that the skin does not come out irritated.

The water temperature must not be too low but not too high because a hot shower can harm us. Let's dry well and then spread the moisturizing cream, preferably also elasticizing, for the face, while an emollient oil is better for the rest of the body because it creates a protective layer.

How to protect the skin from chlorine: damage

It doesn't take much, right? It is therefore worthwhile treat your skin after swimming, also because the price you pay by neglecting it is high. A skin subjected to the action of chlorine get old first because this substance penetrates the pores and ruins it, favoring the appearance of wrinkles and marked lines.

The risk is also that of having skin very dry and not very elastic, especially if you spend many hours in the pool and do not use moisturizing and emollient products once you have surfaced. Chlorine can alter the pH of the epidermis which becomes less protected and therefore more sensitive and irritable.

If we already have sensitive skin, the chlorine can promote the formation of erythema and skin rashes while if we are prone to acne the problem concerns any interactions with the products we use to treat it. Chlorine can disturb its action. Retinoic acid, often used for acne treatment, thin the skin which becomes more susceptible to chlorine. It is difficult to understand how to behave in these cases and only a dermatologist can help us unravel the problem.

As with hair, there is also a loss of skin with the skin brilliance and brightness. In the long run, if we do not hydrate and soften the skin, it will appear more and more "gray".

When we use chlorine, we do so for a good reason which lies in its ability to keep away harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, carriers of diseases of a different nature from the waters in which we dive. The problem is that this disinfectant substance does not distinguish one bacterium from the other and removes them all, even those that may be useful for our health. First of all, the best known, those that form the bacterial flora. Chlorine can therefore cause intestinal dysbiosis and tends to destroy vitamin E and vitamin C.

Not yet fully confirmed, it remains a hypothesis that chlorine could have a link with cancer. There are studies that prove it, investigating the action of chlorine on the formation of free radicals which, in the long run, can lead toonset of cancer. This certainly does not mean that going to the pool causes cancer, we do not jump to conclusions, especially on what are unconfirmed or official information.

How to protect your eyes from chlorine

The problem of chlorine also arises for the eyes which in fact very often turn red if they come into contact with this substance. All the fault of chloramines, substances that accumulate in the water when there is too much chlorine and which, combined with dirt, can cause us great pain. The best thing is to bring goggles that protect the eyes but there are some natural remedies that can be useful to know.

When the irritation is very strong we can use gods soothing eye drops, which remove inflammation and fatigue and hydrate. Before getting to this remedy we can try, for example, with cucumber slices which have a soothing and moisturizing action. If we are more comfortable, we can also prepare a cold compress by placing cotton pads on the eyes soaked in fresh water. Disinflammatory even the green tea treatment, they take sachets, soak them in fresh water and rest on their eyes.

Returning to the goggles, here are two interesting models that we can easily buy online. One is the classic swimming pool goggle, very soft, light and performing the other is a swimming pool mask. If we don't have to go full speed, this model protects better and adapts to the face without leaving ugly marks.

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