What herbs to grow on the balcony

What herbs to grow on the balcony

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Even those who do not have a garden have every right to have a green and fragrant corner, so here are some tips on which herbs to grow on the balcony. Not always the usual ones, which you may have already thought of, but some original ideas to experiment both in pots and then in the kitchen.

Nothing against sage and basil, but we try to make them coexist with other herbs by surprising the neighbors. The biggest advantage will undoubtedly be the fact that they can be used in our recipes, since they are a light and at the same time tasty ingredient. Sometimes they can almost replace salt, allowing us not to overdo it but not having to give up on flavors.

A small DIY aromatic garden is also extremely relaxing, it's a hobby and it's at the same time a kind of anti-stress cure, plus it gives us a very green and luxuriant, nice to look at even if it's not strictly decorative flowers.

Which aromatic herbs to grow on the balcony: the originals

When you are wondering which herbs to grow on the balcony, don't settle for the most obvious answer that comes to mind but dare, go further. For example, you can add marjoram, a widely used ingredient and therefore useful to have at hand. We find it both on meat and fish, but also on vegetables. It is often recommended as a natural remedy for anxiety, migraines and insomnia but it is also rich in vitamin C, so it is used to fight colds and coughs, and seasonal ills.

Another original idea is that of borage, sometimes also used against sore throats and skin diseases. It is also very rich in potassium. On the balcony it also makes us look good with its purple flowers, in fact we can also find it as a decorative element in the dishes. As an ingredient, it is usually in soups, but also fresh in salads instead of cucumbers. It is also found in pansotti, a traditional Ligurian recipe

Let's move on to horseradish, effective remedy for arthrosis, respiratory problems and urinary tract infections. Not everyone likes it, it must be pointed out, because it has a very spicy taste. You can make a sauce for meat and fish, along with cream and vinegar, or use the leaves to enrich the salad and in this case the flavor is sweeter.

We end the review of the original aromatic herbs with the Chervil. It is often associated with anise, for its flavor, but also with parsley, for its shape. Chervil is little known and it is not obvious how to use it. You can put it with potatoes, eggs and or fish, cut into thin leaves. It has strong emollient properties so it can cure bruises, insect bites, eyes inflamed by the sun and wind and chilblains. We also find it used in the treatment of rheumatic pains, water retention or eczema.

Which aromatic herbs to grow on the balcony: the classics

Thyme is certainly an aromatic herb that we know better than the previous ones but it is not so obvious to grow it on the balcony. With its strong and persistent aroma it can flavor roasts and stews but vegetarians can also use it with potatoes, peas and beans, and soups of these legumes. It has tonic properties, can fight stress and protects against bronchial infections, it is also an effective anti-inflammatory.

Another classic herb is juniper, known from millennia. It is often used in place of pepper, especially in game or fish recipes. Its berries, to be crushed and never eaten, are a natural antiseptic for the urinary and respiratory tract. We can also use juniper for massages because of its antirheumatic properties: it helps to relax contracted muscles and prevents cramps.

Among the balcony herbs, how can we not mention thechives, fragrant and with a flavor that is difficult to confuse. In the kitchen it is used a lot because it gives a touch of character to the dishes. It has many properties similar to garlic but it "stinks" less, is rich in mineral salts, vitamin C and phosphorus, and has strong purifying and diuretic properties.

Let's move on toanise, aromatic herb used above all for sweets and liqueurs, given the taste that recalls mint but which is similar to that of fennel. L'anise it can be used as a remedy for anxiety and insomnia but it also has balsamic and digestive properties.

From anise with dill, and please, let's not get confused! This aromatic herb is perfect with fish, a classic pairing, but we can also use it successfully in marinades and salad dressing. On the balcony, the dill plant brings small yellow flowers and a good smell, in fact, it is also a remedy against bad breath, as well as against insomnia and cellulite thanks to its diuretic and purifying properties. We dedicate the last lines to tarragon, a very useful herb against toothache and digestive problems. It is usually used with eggs and chicken but we find it as an ingredient in various sauces and soups.

What herbs to grow on the balcony: guide

If this article has sparked in you the desire to experiment new smells and flavors, new balcony plants, I recommend this complete and comprehensive guide where you can find many answers and original ideas. It is the gastronomic Atlas of herbs.

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