Oxidized Brass Remedies

Oxidized Brass Remedies

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L'brass it can add a touch of warm light and burnished charm to household items, such as switch plates or door knockers, bathroom fixtures, furniture and even kitchen utensils. A strong, corrosion-resistant metal, consisting of a relatively inexpensive alloy consisting of zinc is copper which, due to its bright golden color, has long been a favorite in home design.

However, like any metal, brass can become dull and oxidize with the passage of time.

Fortunately, with a little knowledge and application, you can learn how to clean brass in a really practical way. But how to do it?

Is it brass?

The first thing we recommend you do is to determine precisely whether the product you want to clean is actually brass. While it may look like solid brass, it may actually be a brass-plated steel, zinc or cast iron product.

The easiest way to check and verify that it is actually brass? It is really very simple: just place a small magnet on the metal. Magnets do not stick to solid brass: therefore, if the magnet sticks, the piece is not brass but, perhaps, it is simply brass-plated. Plated items can be cleaned with warm soapy water, but rubbing or polishing them too aggressively can remove the brass plating. Proceed with caution!

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How to clean brass

There are numerous ways to clean solid brass, and the choice of the best one will depend on the level of dust and dirt that has accumulated on the surface.

Either way, the first step we recommend you take is to start with hot water is soapy it's a microfiber cloth: carefully wipe the entire surface with the cleaning cloth, using a clean brush to get into all the cracks. Then rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.

For more difficult cleaning jobs, tomato sauce or tomato paste can be used instead. Just rub a thin layer of this product on the brass, let it rest for about an hour, and then clean the piece with hot water and soap.

Another option is to make a pasta with equal parts of salt, flour is White vinegar. Then apply the paste on the brass and let it rest for up to an hour. Rinse with warm water and shine dry!

An alternative natural cleansing combination is the salt and the lemon. Cut a lemon in half and remove the seeds. Coat half the cut lemon with table salt and rub it on the surface of the brass, adding the lemon and salt as needed. Once the entire surface is covered, mirror polish with a clean, dry cloth.

Of course, if you see that you haven't gotten the desired results with these totally natural solutions, you can still buy a metal and brass cleaner that you can buy on the market.

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning brass

We close this discussion by reminding you that there are some mistakes that you should absolutely avoid, and some things you should therefore be fully aware of when it comes to polishing and cleaning brass.

For example, avoid the use of abrasive cloths, brushes with metal bristles or steel wool, which scratch the surface of the brass irreparably, creating damage that - we are convinced! - you will obviously want to avoid.

To preventoxidation We also advise you to apply a thin layer of linseed oil or mineral oil on the clean brass with a soft sponge cloth.

Also remember that many brass items are protected with a lacquer finish and should only be cleaned with warm soapy water. However, if you believe these products are at high risk of oxidation, you can remove this lacquer with a paint remover, clean and polish the brass with one of the techniques described above, and then re-polish the piece. However, avoid touching the brass elements as much as possible, because the oils and fats naturally present in your skin can accelerate oxidation.

In any case, even a simple and regular cleaning and polishing with a microfiber cloth will help keep dust and dirt away from the brass. Keep this in mind the next time you look too hard at a brass piece that looks good on a piece of furniture!

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