Less plastic in the bathroom: 10 practical tips

Less plastic in the bathroom: 10 practical tips

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Now delete or reduce plastic it has become a mission common to many, but I imagine that you too, like me, are a little scared thinking you are suddenly going to a life without plastic. Not that it is impossible but looking at the pervasive presence of this material, eliminating it in its entirety becomes a difficult task. The trick to not be discouraged in front of a very pretentious lens is often to "break it up" into more microsteps and start for example with less plastic in the bathroom. It is a room where a lot of it turns but on the other hand there are also several interesting alternatives that allow us to wash and get ready to face the day just as clean and serene.

Brush your teeth with less plastic in the bathroom

Here the plastic is both in the toothbrush and in the pack of toothpaste, if we then use the mouthwash, we have even more. One thing at a time. If we look around carefully, we find alternative toothbrushes on the market, not plastic but of biodegradable materials. The most common, to give you an idea, are those in raw wood and bamboo with biodegradable nylon bristles. You can find them in specialized shops or online, in Germany they are much more widespread than in Italy and if you are passing through you can easily buy them, even for friends and relatives. We come to the toothpaste. In stores that already sell solid shampoo you can also try to ask for solid toothpaste, it exists and works with the same logic as scrubbing.

Alternatively we can try the toothpaste pads in jars or paper bags with screw closure but if you want and time, I suggest you prepare it at home. Online you will find tutorials and instructions, it is a trivial process and that will also save you a lot. Those who have little time but a great desire to do their part, can buy a complete and plastic free set for dental care with hydrophilic-bamboo toothbrush with bamboo case, toothpaste tablets in a small screw jar, silk thread and beeswax plus refill pack.

Deodorants, detergents and soaps with less plastic in the bathroom

There are a number of products - deodorants, detergents and soaps - which you cannot do without and who bring a lot of often useless plastic into the bathroom. Here's how to avoid it without stopping washing and perfuming ourselves.

Instead of spray deodorants we can for example use the deodorant creams in glass or metal cans that we can keep and reuse a thousand times over. There are also solid deodorants that have no packaging or have minimal packaging, with little environmental impact. We can produce it at home, just like toothpaste, with the advantage of being able to choose the essences we want.

Let's move on to the detergent that must be taken in powder, so we can look in strong paper or cardboard packaging. Powder is much more effective, so little is needed. Those who love DIY can prepare it by following one of the many recipes online, usually based on soda and soap. Speaking of soap, what do we use to wash our hands? Via the liquid soap in the classic plastic dispenser, useless and polluting.

We use the solid soap choosing the one with organic ingredients. Even in the shower we can do without squeezing the bottle of our shower gel, strictly made of plastic, and instead use a natural soap like that of Aleppo.

Less plastic in the bathroom and clean ears

The fight against the sticks of plastic and cotton that we have always used to clean our ears is open and soon we will not see any more around. To continue cleaning we can do some washing, which has always been recommended for the health of our ears, but if we need to scratch ourselves we find excellent alternatives on the market, much more effective than the classic stick.

I refer to the bamboo sticks with cotton swab, available in almost any pharmacy from bamboo, or cardboard ones which, however, can be more uncomfortable and less resistant. These products are not plastic but they are disposable, so not the top, because they still add volume in the garbage. We can aspire to something better, for example bamboo or stainless steel ear cleaners, which can be purchased online and are very useful. I also recommend them when traveling.

Toilet paper and less plastic in the bathroom

We have not forgotten and neither have we censored toilet paper, always wrapped in terrible plastic packaging. This time it is really difficult to find a way to have less plastic in the bathroom, it is difficult to find companies that currently use alternative packaging, perhaps in cardboard, and we just have to try to buy large packages so that the quantity of plastic is smaller, in proportion. There are some bamboo toilet paper experiments but niche and difficult for an everyday product like this.

Soft leather with less plastic in the bathroom

In the daily routine of many of us there is also the moisturizing cream for the face and body and is an excellent habit to maintain. However, there is a lot of plastic that you throw away every time you finish a pack of cream. Fortunately, you are starting to see a lot of them in cans, especially in health food stores or pharmacies.

Plastic-free bathroom furniture

We have tried to minimize the presence of the plastic in the bathroom browsing the products we use most frequently to discover that we don't have to do without them but simply adopt the alternatives that are more respectful of our environment. If we look around, however, we will notice a lot of plastic also in the furniture, accessories, various boxes and containers. From the adhesive shower shelf to the makeup holder, from the mini chest of drawers to every type of trinket we may have bought to optimize space. They are often made of plastic and obviously cost less than the others but we try to make an effort and choose other materials, very often they prove to be more resistant and also more elegant.