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Snail slime cream

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Snail slime cream: opinions, where to buy it and advice on the best snail slime creams. Properties of snail slime. Benefits and applications to combat stretch marks, wrinkles and skin pimples.

On this page we will provide you with all the information on properties of snail slime, how the cream based on snail slime and the effects it has on the skin of the face. There will be a section dedicated to the best creams on the market.

Snail slime cream

Theresnail slime creamseems to have propertyhighly appreciated in cosmetics and skin care. The active ingredients contained in the snail slime, in fact, they have proved effective against wrinkles, to eliminate stretch marks, relieve scars, to hydrate dry skin and fight acne.

The property snail slime healing has been demonstrated in the laboratory. A study * showed that the drool produced by the speciesHelix aspersa it could facilitate tissue regeneration. With these scientific bases, the first formulations of creams based on snail slime were born in cosmetics, among which there are numerouswrinkle creams, anti-acne and to eliminate scars.

There are different formulations ofsnail slime cream. Generally, preparations based onsnail slimeperform a regenerated and antioxidant function for the skin, managing to improve its elasticity and tone.

Theresnail slime creamit is particularly suitable forface, especially for those with dry skin, acne problems or for those looking for an alternative to the classic anti-wrinkle.

Snail slime: properties

A research appeared in the official magazine ofInternational Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiologyhas highlighted the multipleproperties of snail slime.

In fact, thesnail slimeis an ancient natural remedy, used by peasant families to fight calluses, warts and promote the healing of scars. Our peasant grandparents, although they did not know the reasons, used snail slime because it worked!

The study cited in the introduction, in fact, found that the slime from snailshaspropertyregenerative and restorative,that is, with its active ingredients it is able to promote the formation of new cell layers. It is a very useful remedy for improving the texture of the skin and making it more uniform.

First, the study noted that theslime from snailsexerts a strong antioxidant action thanks to isoenzymes that slow down the degenerative process of epithelial cells. In parallel, thesnail slimewould stimulate the proliferation offibroblastsand the rearrangement of the cytoskeleton of actin fibers. I I fibroblasts are cells of the dermis, the intermediate part of the skin Human. With this action, thesnail slimeit would be able to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin.

Additional mechanisms involved in the regenerative effect were also observed. Among these mechanisms it was born that some of the active ingredients contained insnail slimewould be able to stimulate the molecular mechanisms that are at the basis of cell regeneration.

Snail slime: benefits

We cited the study that appeared in the journalInternational Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology,but the snail slime has also been the subject of study by us in Italy.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the University of Pavia conducted a study onbenefitsrelating to the use ofsnail slime. In particular, thewrinkle effects. The ability to mitigatewrinklesis linked to the presence of Helicin, but not only: the snail mucusis a very complex natural compound, yourspropertyand hisbenefitsthey are not attributable exclusively to the amino acid composition but probably to the presence of particular active ingredients.

Betweenbenefitsof snail slime, making a recapitulation, we point out:

  • Anti-wrinkle action
    to be connected both to the regenerative capacity and to the lightening effect that makes the wrinkle less visible.
  • Reduction in the size of scars
  • Improvement of skin pigmentation
  • It exerts an exfoliating and moisturizing action
  • It can reduce the signs of acne
  • It is useful for reducing facial blemishes (skin discoloration)
  • Useful against stretch marks

Theresnail slimeit has no limits of use.

Snail slime cream: where to buy it

Where to buy snail slime cream? In herbalists and shops specializing in natural products or by taking advantage of online sales. On the web there is no shortage of e-commerce that offer snail slime creams, when buying, make sure you choose only natural products. Among the natural products and from best value for money we point out somecreamsuseful for various specific treatments.

It is difficult to recommend thebest creamtosnail slimebecause each formulation tells a different story. For this reason, we indicate four different creams among the best available on the market.

Organic Anti-Aging Certified Snail Slime Cream

The first snail slime cream that we recommend is the one proposed by Nuvò Cosmetic, specifically designed to counteract skin aging and with 72% pure snail slime.

Thanks to the synergy of 10 active ingredients, this certified organic cream has a protective, calming, nourishing action with an anti-aging effect.

Among the strengths of the Nuvò Cosmetic Snail Slime cream we point out the AIAB Eco biocosmetics certification and the ingredients coming 100% from farms located in Italy.

This cream is excellent against dry and dull skin due to environmental pollution, stress, smoking, as a result of high exposure to the sun and natural biological aging due to aging.

Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime cream nourishes the skin deeply thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid with 3 molecular weights (high, medium and low) and to the presence of allantoin, collagen, elastin and glycolic acid, essential elements for the well-being of our skin.

Snail slime cream against acne and pimples

The formulations based onsnail slimedesigned to eliminate acne, it also contains glycolic acid, a component naturally extracted from sugar cane or beetroot. It is a particular exfoliating agent that helps the regenerating action andanti-acne of the slime from snails.

Snail slime face creamBiolumait was designed for this. In particular, its formulation adds other ingredients with renowned beneficial effects to the snail slime base, in addition to the aforementioned Glycolic Acid. These include the popular argan oil and corn germ oil, which are very rich in Vitamin E and antioxidant substances. There is no shortage of extracts of Lavonula angustifolia, rich in flavonoids and substances capable of extinguishing skin inflammations, very useful against acne and pimples. Contains extracts of scutellaria alpina, a very famous flower in herbal medicine and cosmetics for its beneficial properties for the skin.

There face cream in question can be bought on Amazon at a price of 29.90 euros with free shipping costs.

Snail slime cream against wrinkles: stretch marks and scars

There snail slimepromises a reduction of wrinkles and scars, restoring a more compact, radiant, smooth and hydrated skin.

In this context, it is useful to buy a very concentrated snail slime cream. Thesnail slime creams recommended, they are naturally rich in the active ingredients contained in itdrool, namely allantoin, collagen, elastin and other substances that exert a nourishing and regenerative action on the skin. Among the more concentrated ones we point out the creamPure Snail Slime by Bioluma itself.

The 30 ml bottle can be purchased for 29.90 euros with free shipping costs. For wrinkles and stretch marks, a more concentrated and pure snail slime cream is recommended so as to have an intensive action from the first applications.

By virtue of the high concentration of active ingredients, we recommend purchasing the "Pure Cream". As stated, the high concentration of active ingredients promotes skin regeneration and cell turnover.

Snail slime cream to prevent wrinkles

Those who do not yet have very mature skin could associate the active ingredients ofsnail slimeto other ingredients useful to moisturize the skin, tone it and above all prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

In this context it is possible to benefit from asnail slime serumenriched with avocado oil, arginine, vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and Argan oil. The price for the 30 ml bottle is 30.90 euros with free shipping costs.

Application tips:
use the snail-based cream only after a thorough cleansing of the face. Apply it by gently massaging face and neck until completely absorbed.

How snail slime cream is produced

Each company has its own extraction method and its production process. Before purchasing any snail slime product, make sure it comes from.

The products indicated see a completely natural and cruelty free production process: the recovery of the mucus is carried out passively, manually and without killing the snails. All creams reported aremade in Italyand they all have excellent opinions from users who have tested them firsthand.

Viper poison cream or snail slime

Theresnail slimeit is not the only natural ingredient used in beauty creams. Very popular are the moisturizing and regenerating creams based on viper venom. If you are undecided between onesnail slime creamand one toviper serum, know that it is not easy to choose.

Both formulations seem to be winning: if the viper venom cream performs an action against aging (preventive for wrinkles), the snail slime cream it would seem to have a filling action for wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, so it is suitable forcurean existing problem.

The authors of the study mentioned in the introduction are:
A. Brieva, N. Philips, R. Tejedor, A. Guerrero, J.P. Pivel, Alonso-Lebrero, S. Gonzalez. The research was published with the title "Molecular basis for the regenerative properties of a secretion of the mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa"OnSkin Pharmacology and Physiology, the official journal of the International Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology.

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