Pros and cons of the exercise bike: how to use it

Pros and cons of the exercise bike: how to use it

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There are those who use it only when the conditions are right for pedaling outdoors and those who have adopted it by default as a habit to do some exercise at home or in the gym. In any case, it is important to evaluate pros and cons of the exercise bike also to understand how to best use it, avoiding that instead of keeping us fit, it causes us problems.

Pros and cons of the exercise bike

Those who love being atopen air and who is a real cyclist, certainly does not look very kindly on this contraption that makes us pedal indoors, sometimes in a slightly detached gym areas, other times in a corner of our house, perhaps a stone's throw from an attractive sofa. The fact is that it can prove to be an excellent help in some cases, both for toning and for weight loss, or for keep in training when the weather conditions do not allow us to ride on the hills as we would dream. Here is now point by point i pros and cons of the exercise bike, with which everyone can make their choice.

Pros of the exercise bike

For those who want or need a certain regularity of training, the exercise bike is one formidable certainty. Of course it is not the same thing, outdoor activities have a completely different effect and are to be preferred, but at least with the exercise bike if it is raining outside we can still download most of the daily stress and do that bike that maybe they have prescribed us. to stay or get back in shape.

The exercise bike is indeed a great tool for fight overweight and also laziness because there are not many excuses not to do it. In terms of time it allows us to save a lot of it, we don't have to go to and from the gym, and also economically it is convenient. If we are determined to buy one cardiovascular machine, this is certainly one of the cheapest, today it should be within the reach of most, including offers, discounts and used equipment.

Let's begin to go into the merits of what the physical impact of this tool is. The movement that leads us to do allows us to do not weigh down the joints during training if we carefully select the level of effort. You don't play with levers and programs, experimenting, but it is very important from the very first rides to identify what is right for us. In the gym there are people who can assist us but if we have to organize ourselves at home, we ask for help from a physiotherapist who can eventually set up a program and help us train effectively, reaching our goals. If a large number of programs can put us in crisis, on the other hand it allows us, with a single tool, to avoid monotony varying movements and efforts, always with the guidance of a good physiotherapist.

It should be emphasized, speaking of benefits of the exercise bike, che it is not a tool made for weight loss but it has many other advantages and possible uses. It is in fact often chosen to develop and tone the leg muscles even by athletes who take advantage of it to increase joint mobility and strengthen the ligaments to protect yourself from possible trauma. And if, with all the superstition, but it happens, the exercise bike still runs to our aid to help us recover from our injury, thanks also to the great flexibility with which we can decide what effort to do and for how much and gradually increase.

Cons of the exercise bike

In addition to not allowing us to be outdoors, unless you put it on the balcony or your gym is outdoor, the exercise bike can also have some drawbacks.

First of all, many think it is boring, we can also agree since it is not there any landscape to admire, but can be remedied. There are not a few who pedal reading a book or watching a movie, or chatting on the phone, things that make everything more enjoyable and make time fly. There are also remedies to repetitiveness from the point of view of training because the many programs of the latest generation models offer us so much choice. Always managing wisely i various programs we can also burn as many calories as we would burn by pedaling outdoors, something that never happens with old style models.

A final disadvantage of the exercise bike is related to risk of exaggerating, it is so convenient and close at hand that it can happen that you overdo the intensity of the workout and the duration. This is why it is important to have a program, an agreed, very gradual scheme that respects the rhythm of our body. And let's remember to adjust the seat well to avoid back problems related to poor posture.

Useful accessories for exercise bikes

If you have bet on the exercise bike, at least to get some exercise even on days of bad weather, you can easily get some accessories on Amazon to make pedaling at home even more enjoyable. Of maximum use is certainly the cushion that can be placed on the seat while making it the least critical support. If we use this tool a lot or are particularly sensitive, it is worth pampering yourself with this comfort which can then also be used for cycling. Also useful to carefully preserve this wellness tool protective cover for the exercise bike, very light but practical, so as not to let them collect dust when we neglect it due to laziness.

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