Granny Smith apples: cultivation, recipes and price

Granny Smith apples: cultivation, recipes and price

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Those crunchy green apples that lend themselves well to different recipes are precisely the Granny Smith apples, easy to grow but above all good to taste as they are or inside a cake or a dried fruit centrifuge. Let's find out their characteristics and how to prepare them to serve them at the table.

Granny Smith apples: origins

The curious name draws attention to these apples which are easily recognizable by their bright green color but also, for those who have already tasted them, due to the slightly sour and sour taste that many other apples have nothing. The name reminds us the first fruit grower there this type of Apples, Maria Ann Ramsey Sherwood Smith, that in Australia at the beginning of the twentieth century, by pure chance discovered the existence of this type of apple and began to propagate this hybrid derived from a wild apple.

There are several legends around the origin of this type of fruit, the most accredited one tells that Maria Ann bought some apples from Tasmania and then he decided to sow the seeds obtained from them along a stream. Thus, by chance, this apple tree was born which can be considered a cross between a wild tree and a domestic tree. In Italy we have the Granny Smiths in Valtellina, above all, and in the neighboring areas, but they did not arrive immediately in our area. The first countries to which it was exported were England and the United States.

Granny Smith apples: cultivation

To grow the Granny Smith apple tree, we can create a space in the garden and plant a small tree there. It is not too pretentious a plant to keep and care for, being half wild, but we must try to protect it from all the diseases that can attack fruit trees if we want it to produce good and abundant fruits that are usually ripe in late September or early October.

Granny Smith apples: benefits

The bright green color of the skin is certainly the hallmark of Granny Smith apples but it is not the only feature that distinguishes them. They also have a very crunchy and compact pulp, firm and never floury. The skin is shiny and as a size, we are facing a rather large apple than the average.

Granny Smith is among the favorites of many because it contains few sugars, athletes and diabetics love it for these, also because on the other hand we can find a lot magnesium and potassium, and also many vitamins, especially those of groups C, A and B. If we buy organic apples, untreated, once we have washed them well we can also eat them with the peel, not for fun but because there are many fibers in the peel. In this fruit we find 72 calories, for apple, but also much more: an ally of our health because the Granny Smith

  • favors the process digestive due to the presence of malic acid and tartaric acid;
  • reduces levels of cholesterol and regulates blood glucose;
  • helps to stay online or a lose weight because it creates a feeling of satiety: for this reason it is better to eat them between meals
  • improves balance intestinal thanks to fibers, such as pectin;
  • promotes saliva production and helps reduce bacterial load responsible for causing tooth decay and plaque
  • helps prevent colon cancer by helping purify the body from slags and limiting the development of inflammatory disorders;

This fruit also has benefits when used in the cosmetics industry because it is used in the production of purifying and purifying products face creams. This because it contains many vitamins and flavonoids that effectively fight free radicals, at the basis of premature aging.

Granny Smith apples: recipes

If we don't want to bite into these crisp, freshly picked and washed apples, we can use them to cook treats. Let's start by preparing a cake fluffy, excellent for breakfast or a snack.


  • 250 g flour 00
  • 2 Granny Smith apples
  • 120 g Sugar
  • 150 ml Milk
  • 30 g Butter
  • 1 lemon (grated peel)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 vanillin sachets
  • 1 sachet Baking powder for cakes

We melt the butter in a pan, then we prey the eggs and beat them together with the sugar and the just melted butter, adding also the milk. After having mixed well we can also add the other ingredients such as flour, yeast and vanillin, grated lemon peel.

We get a mixture that must be well mixed for it to become homogeneous and only after having achieved this result, we can also add the Granny Smith apple preferably cut into cubes. Let's not use it all because at least half of the apple will be cut into slices and spread on the bottom of the pan in which we will cook the cake. Once this step is also done, we can pour the mixture into the pan and bake at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes. It is a soft cake so it is essential to test the toothpick to check the cooking. When we serve it, the trout must be cold and, if desired, we can also sprinkle icing sugar over it.

Simpler and less greedy but very healthy is the green apple juice, in summer it can be an alternative for a snack or even for breakfast. A recipe to prepare it includes among the ingredients fresh lettuce and a handful of walnut kernels, seasoned with oil, salt and pepper to taste. However, the best thing to do for juicers is to do your own thing and invent our own juicer, with the ingredients we love.

Granny Smith apples: price

the average price per kilo of this apple variety is approx 3 euros, then it depends a lot on the season. This apple is not always found, perhaps some think it may be less appreciated due to its sour taste.

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