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Here we share 50 links of complete films and documentaries of opening of conscience and Spirituality. We hope they are a contribution to personal and collective development.

Nothing you read, regardless of where it is written, nothing you hear, regardless of who said it, you must accept nothing without prior discernment and you must decide its truthfulness yourself. Listen to your heart, it's never wrong.

Note: We try to keep all the links working, but sometimes they change and we lose them. If you enter one that does not work please send us a message to [email protected] so that we can correct it. Thank you

1] THE CODE OF MOSES - JAMES TWYMAN [documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 52 minutes] * James Twyman * reveals for the first time the code that can be used to create miracles in your life ”and in the world! Through practicing the Moses Code, you will discover how you can integrate the most powerful tool that has manifested itself in the history of the world into your own life. At the very heart of the Moses Code lies the true function and practice of the Law of Attraction.

2] CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. [film with audio in Spanish - 105 minutes]
This movie shows us the life of the writer of the book Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsh, we can all have a conversation with God, we just need to open our hearts to feel his love and hear his voice.

3] THE 7 SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS. Deeprak chopra[documentary film with audio in Spanish - 64 minutes]
These seven laws is nothing more than the conscious connection of your inner being with the universe and creation. From her home in Malibu, having Deeprak Chopra as a guest in a very interesting talk, actress and singer Olivia Newton-John shares her experience with these 7 universal laws, as well as the experiences and testimonies of other people.

4] HIM: BEYOND THE LIGHT. René Mey[film with audio in Spanish - 94 minutes]
The film of the infinite potential of the human being and his dormant capacities, whose knowledge would change our society and the world.

5] CREATE REALITY WITH YOUR MIND. Michelle Nielsen. [conference with audio in Spanish - 32 minutes]

6] WHAT DO YOU KNOW?… II.Various [Documentary film with audio in Spanish - 148 minutes] Extension of the documentary film ¿Y tu que sabe?… I.Film about quantum physics, a way of understanding the immense potentials that human beings have in life. The rest shows the discoveries modern neurology has made and why we malfunction psychologically.

7] QUANTUM REVOLUTION[documentary film with audio in Spanish - 52 minutes]
Could you say what is the object of study of quantum physics or what is a quantum? ... Have you ever heard of the quantum computer? ... Possibly not, but surely you do know lasers, magnetic resonance imaging, or do you use CDs? and DVD in your everyday life. These are just some of the advances that we can enjoy today thanks to quantum physics. This groundbreaking documentary immerses you in the complex and interesting world of quantum physics thanks to great 2D and 3D animations, and a valuable selection of interviews. We will tour sixteen cities across six different countries to bring together some of the world's most brilliant minds, such as the renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, with whom we will analyze the impact that this technological revolution, in which we find ourselves today, can have have in the world of the future.

8] YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. Louise L. Hay [Documentary film with audio in Spanish - 88 minutes] In this film Louise L. Hay describes how you can heal your life by changing the way we think using positive confirmations and loving ourselves.

9] HOW TO CREATE ABUNDANCE. Deepak Chopra. [Documentary film with audio in Spanish - 33 minutes] Dr. Deepak Chopra, a prestigious Indian doctor, based in the USA for a few years, director of the New England Hospital in Massachusetts. This is an audiobook from which I have extracted a part.

10] THE MOVIE OF CHANGE. Dr Wayne Dyer.[film with audio in Spanish - 121 minutes] The respected scientist Dr Wayne Dyer, famous writer who did not provide several books, including one that marked a change of vision called: Your wrong zones, does not count and shows us how at a certain moment of life, comes the inner change.

11] CREATE THE DAY. Ramtha.[conference with audio in Spanish - 43 minutes] Only you create your day, you can create it unconsciously or consciously.

12] HOME. [documentary film with audio in Spanish - 94 minutes]
We are living in a crucial period. Scientists tell us that we only have 10 years to change our ways of life, avoid depleting natural resources and prevent a catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate.
Each of us must participate in the collective effort, and it is to sensitize the greatest number of people.
For this film to be disseminated as widely as possible, it had to be free. A patron, the PPR group, allowed it to be. Europacorp that distributes it, promised not to have any profit because HOME has no commercial interest.

13] ZEITGEIST I[documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 119 minutes] Documentary film about three myths that are important to human beings: religions, terrorism and the management of the economy.

14] ZEITGEIST II[documentary film subtitled in Spanish - 124 minutes]
Directed by Peter Joseph, it is a documentary-type feature film which will present a case for a necessary transition out of the current socio-economic monetary paradigm that governs society around the world. This topic of discussion will transcend the questions of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and will induce to relate the nucleus, the empirical attributes "soil life" of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws within a new sustainable paradigm called "Based Economy in Resources ”.
This film will feature experts in the fields of public health, anthropology, neurobiology, economics, energy, technology, social sciences, and other relevant areas which are related to social operation and culture. The three central themes of the work are Human Behavior, Monetary Economics and Applied Science. Putting the work together creates a model of understanding of the current social paradigm; from which it is essential to come out - along with a new and radical and still practical social approach based on an advanced understanding, which would solve the current social afflictions facing the world today.

15] THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MONSANTO[Documentary film with audio in Spanish - 110 minutes] GMOs, herbicides, smuggling and death The documentary "The World According to Monsanto", broadcast on Tuesday by French / German television Arte, traces the history of the main manufacturer of genetically modified organisms (GMO ), whose soybeans, corn and cotton spread around the world despite environmental warnings, a film that denounces the GM giant.

16] THE POWER OF INTENTION. Dr. Wayne Dyer[conference with Spanish subtitles - 154 minutes]
I read "Your wrong zones" many years ago and today, thanks to the power of the Internet, we can continue to learn about ourselves by listening to and seeing its author. A luxury to be able to have access to this talk where Dyer accompanies us on a journey of 7 phases [Creativity, Goodness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Receptiveness and Abundance], in which he teaches us how to transform our thoughts and desires, into something tangible, into something physical that comes from our most powerful desires.

17] YOUR LAST CALL FOR INSPIRATION. PART 1. Wayne W. Dyer[conference with Spanish subtitles - 104 minutes] Listening to Dr. Dyer is always a pleasure. In this talk he explains that each of us is capable of finding and directing his life towards inspiration, taking us by the hand to learn to live in spirit and mind, and giving us the 7 steps to surround ourselves with inspiration; based on ancient wisdom that inspiration pushes us to all levels of consciousness and unconsciousness

18] YOUR LAST CALL FOR INSPIRATION. PART 2. Dyer[conference subtitled in Spanish]

19] THE LAST TRIP. A FILM ABOUT THE BEYOND[documentary film with audio in Spanish - 94 minutes]
Is there an afterlife? What really happens when we die? ... Is there something else, or do we disappear when we leave this world, without more? ...
I have always lived with the physical feeling that I am going to die. It may sound far-fetched. Not even myself know whay did I have those feelings. It was like a strong feeling that death was stalking me and I was soon to leave this world. Sometimes it was like a kind of anguish of not knowing what would await me after life and a terror was doing the unknown.

At the age of 20 I discovered a spiritual path of yoga and meditation. In yoga, one of the basic teachings is about karma and reincarnation. Something that was very difficult for me to accept, despite practicing that discipline. This practice of yoga and meditation gave me states of love and good feelings that made me feel better than ever in my life. These states did not depend on anything that happened in my life but they occurred within me without an external cause. But I had no experiences of seeing my past lives, as other people I knew who also practiced these techniques, it had happened to them.

A few years later my meditations deepened. He managed to enter states of silence and a total and absolute void. In those states there were no thoughts. I don't know how I could describe them. It is like a nothing. The mind stops working. It goes. And there is only consciousness that observes. It is very strange because you know that you are watching, but there are no words. There are no definitions. There is nothing but observation without judgment, without words. It is a feeling of being "beyond"

20] THE CORPORATION [documentary film with audio in Spanish - 167 minutes]
The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott that takes an in-depth look at the world of large corporations and is based on Joel Bakan's book "The Corporation, the pathological pursuit of profit and power."

In the film, multinational executives, brokers, industrial spies, as well as activists and thinkers against globalization such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and Michael Moore, among others, are interviewed. The argument is based on the fact that corporations, protected by legal status, are personal entities (considered the same as a person) with rights and obligations. It analyzes the behavior, conduct and desires motivated by the search for personal benefit that leads to self-justification of their means and actions. Through a psychiatric test proposed by the World Health Organization, Joel Bakan shows that "The Corporation" responds to the profile of a psychopath, and to testify it they interview a senior FBI official specialized in Psychopaths.

21] DAVID ICKE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD 2008[conference with audio in Spanish - 112 minutes]
Interesting talk, by the always controversial David Icke, which he gave at the University of Oxford in 2008.

Icke controversially exposes his views on the politics and world economy of those who control and manipulate the world we live in.

Many people are dedicated to criticizing him, almost in a sickly way because they warn, among other arguments, that someone who continues to speak publicly about conspiracies for so long, and who is still alive, has to work for the elite and therefore is a misinformer.

The truth is that I do not consider whether or not he is a worker of the controlling elite. Much of the things he says seems quite coherent to me, although some border on the incredible. Listening to it is entertaining, entertaining and from my point of view, highly interesting. The important thing is to be open to all options, investigate, read, not believe anything, share, do not allow yourself to be manipulated and above all never lose sight that all this is nothing more than the details, and if our attention is only focused on them, to be more difficult to focus on what is really worth and is real, which is nothing else that we are all going to die, therefore we have no escape.

So maybe at this point the only thing left to think is that the worst thing is not to die. Maybe the worst thing is to die an idiot.

"May you be the change you want to see in the world." [Gandhi]
47 years old, native of Northern Ireland and resident in Barcelona, ​​Spain since 1987. Philosophical Psychiatrist, Specialist in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Professor of the ZEN LONGEVITY courses to control the system and to be who you really are.

I think that in the video interview below there is a summary of my work and life purpose: Service with love, total dedication, inspiring others and above all living what I feel and feel what I live. I have been investigating the human being for 25 years at a holistic level, seeking solutions in order to achieve peace and harmony, physical and mental health, happiness and well-being for all. I always thought "someone should do this or that", until I realized that I was "someone" too. So I stopped standing with my arms crossed as the words "JUST DO IT !!" echoed inside me. [just DO IT!] Since then I have been in action and my life has never been the same. If I can, you can too!

It is the hour of awakening, at the collective level, and only in this way can we, all together, infect each other with our joy of living, mental decoding, living the present intensely, believing in ourselves, being united from the heart and be fully aware. I invite you to enjoy 67 minutes of chip change leaving behind old patterns, fears and frustrations, and everything that prevents you from moving on the path to awakening ... in the recycle bin!

23] SUZANNE POWELL - THE KARMA Part 1[conference with audio in Spanish]

24] SUZANNE POWELL - THE KARMA Part 2[conference with audio in Spanish]

25] SUZANNE POWELL - THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOD[conference with audio in Spanish - 75 minutes]
Learn to eat consciously, correctly combining food [dissociated diet], in yin-yang balance, to achieve optimal digestion, effective evacuation and continuous detoxification. In this way you can maintain your line and health. Learn the importance of alkalizing the body to avoid diseases and relapses. How to prevent and treat cancer in a complementary or alternative way with holistic therapy. Know the most suitable foods for a good diet and apply good habits, in a simple and practical way. The importance of getting out of food ignorance and re-educating. Zen as a way to awaken consciousness, balance and food for the soul ... mind in peace, body in peace, spirit in peace.

26] SUZANNE POWELL -ENERGY GEOBIOLOGY [conference with audio in Spanish - 73 minutes]

27] GEORGE KAVASSILAS IS-YOUR-GOD UNIVERSAL Part 1[conference with audio in Spanish - 61 minutes]
My name is George Kavassilas and I have had an incredible variety of experiences, traveling through the dimensions of our universe in 2003 and rediscovering what life on this planet is all about. It is more important than was led to believe.

It is much more important and magnificent in the grand scheme of things than you can imagine. I would like to share with you my knowledge and wisdom that I have gained during a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including meeting and interacting with different races of ET, both benevolent and malevolent.

I also have a comprehensive understanding of the ascension process, including the harmonics and timing of the two main phases of our DNA transformation is Homo Illuminous or Hu-Man.

Please understand the Galactic Light Council and Spiritual Hierarchy of which I am a part is not the same as a group calling itself the Galactic Federation of Light. At that time I gave my 2004 presentation and I was also being manipulated by the Galactic Federation of Light, however most of the information provided is valid. As you read and understand my work this distinction will be important to each and every one of us.

28] GEORGE KAVASSILAS IS-YOUR-UNIVERSAL GOD Part 2 [conference with audio in Spanish - 73 minutes]

29] ROB BELL EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL [conference with Spanish subtitles - 79 minutes]
A captivating and even humorous look at the physical world and human existence, as well as the body and spirit. for believers and non-believers, who have doubts or interest in how science coexists with spirituality.

In the Hebrew scriptures [the Bible was written in Hebrew] there is no word for the concept "spiritual." And Jesus never used the phrase "spiritual life." Why? … Because for Jesus and his tradition, all life is spiritual.

But what does this really mean? ...
The essence of genesis analyzed and connected to practical life and science

30] DAN WINTER - FRACTAL ATTRACTION[conference with audio in Spanish - 108 minutes]
Fractal Attraction: Dramatic Revolutions in the Science Behind Spirituality.
When waves are arranged in the rose-like pattern we call FRACTAL, they create the origin of all centripetal forces: life force, gravity, perception, color, and ecstasy / illumination. From Feng Shui, through measuring peak experiences and even in the new energetic and biological-fractal sciences, we understand how to make a fractal electric field in 3 dimensions. This means that we can literally design sacred and healing spaces (as the ancients did), with simple principles of electrical engineering. These electric-fractal fields: generate healing, reduce pain, electrosmog or radioactivity and announce revolutionary technologies to obtain energy from hydrogen, to purify water, heal lakes or recharge crystals to heal with them. All this knowledge is based on my new equation for the structure of hydrogen ... which is, simply, like a rose! Nature made all living proteins fractals in its construction and until we learn to build houses, hospitals and cities with that electric field geometry, we will continue to make fractality bleed… which is the definition of all pain!

31] THE FOURTH DIMENSION - TIME AND LIFE[documentary film with audio in Spanish - 49 minutes]
We live in a world dominated by the passage of time: it shapes our life, from birth to death, but it remains one of humanity's greatest mysteries. Led by scientist Michio Kaku, the documentary addresses questions about time that different cultures have wondered about for thousands of years and that are still relevant today. We will meet the Lakota Indians of North America and the atom dismantlers of Switzerland; a gorilla from Miami with a very particular sense of time and a man from Manchester who has lost all notion of it. Kaku will conduct street experiments with passersby and travel to some of the most incredible time-dedicated monuments in the world. He will speak with leading-edge scientists investigating aging and with philosophers and artists who continue to grapple with many of these mysteries. Don't miss out on this fascinating journey that will open your mind to the fourth dimension.

32] WE LIVE IN A MATRIX OF THE UNIVERSE // MORGAN FREEMAN [documentary film dubbed into Spanish]
Return to the Source: Philosophy and Matrix (2004). Documentary that deals with the various philosophical influences (Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Laplace, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Baudrillard, Nozick, etc.) and mystical-religious (Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, etc.) ) in the famous science fiction trilogy "The Matrix" (1999-2003), a film creation by the Wachowski brothers.

33] EXPELLED: NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED [documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 98 minutes]
Documentary that demonstrates and exposes the harassment and censorship to which those scientists who propose that life on Earth could be part of an Intelligent Design, the work of a superior being, GOD, are exposed

34] THE DOCTRINE OF THE SHOCK [documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 79 minutes]
Based on the book by Noami Klein: "The Doctrine of Shock", narrates the way in which the so-called "Chicago boys" by Milton Freeman, used the discovery of electroshock from psychology to erase memories and return the subject to a child state, and being able to rewrite its history, they transfer it to the socio-economic context of developing countries, to cause economic shocks (increase in taxes, elimination of subsidies and social policies, increase in prices, etc.) and thus, allow better to loot natural resources and enrich the transnationals.

35] THE PSYCHIATRY. INDUSTRY OF DEATH [documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 109 minutes]
The Video features 14 documentaries with outcome statements from healthcare professionals, academics, legal and human rights experts, and victims of psychiatric brutalities ranging from electroshock and involuntary commitment to political torture, soul surgery, and the devastating effects of psychotropic drugs.
The Modern Video demonstrates that psychiatry is an industry run entirely by money, and provides practical guidance for legislators, doctors, human rights defenders and citizens to take action in their own field to make psychiatry comply with the laws Presented by the Citizens Commission for Human Rights

36] ESOTERIC AGENDA [documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 127 minutes]
What if there is an explanation to all this suffering ... separation, situations, discrimination, hatred, war, poverty, fear, love, and each of the aspects of our lives that are either irrelevant or inexplicable to the work of an untouchable and all powerful God.

On 03.25.2008 “” launches this compilation of information from the principals, researchers, lawyers, academics, doctors, scientists and professionals in their relative fields where they influence all of humanity and the reality that we perceive.

It is probable that somewhere, everyone has reached a point in their lives where they feel that something is missing or that something is very wrong in the world. Religious scriptures feel vague and not full. Considered unpredictable science is incomplete. That politicians are not behind the protection of national heritage, but undermine the security and privacy of people. That Corporate America, now global, is shaped and compromised by some wealthy families at the top of the pyramid. That education is manufactured to disguise the true history of the planet. That the media are manufactured to disguise the current events of the planet. That Sports and Entertainment distract and influence emotions at subconscious levels with symbolism, color, sound and sacred geometry.

All of these appear to be random or disconnected events or events entirely from unrelated sources. But this couldn't be further from the truth. They don't make mistakes. There is nothing left to chance.

There is an order and purpose to everything that exists. Now these events are for the benefit or harm of humanity? ...
The truth of the matter is that there are many changes taking place within the galaxy, in our solar system, on our planet Earth, and within ourselves.

37] KYMATICA OR CIMÁTICA[documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 84 minutes]
Film that like the previous one and like Zeitgeist, brings to light many truths that have been hidden from us.

38] MESSAGE FROM WATER - DR MASARU EMOTO [documentary film with audio in Spanish - 37 minutes]
Masaru Emoto, a graduate in International Relations and later in Alternative Medicine, became interested in the healing properties of water some 15 years before the publication of this book; after 5 years he contacted a Californian researcher who was studying the subtlest vibrations of water molecules using magnetic resonance techniques… Working with this scientist, Professor Emoto asked himself the following question: would it be possible to reflect the healing qualities of different types of water in a visible and palpable way?… The 'happy idea' to carry out this study came to him when he tried to photograph the hexagonal crystals that formed different samples of water when frozen. And from the images he obtained, he confirmed his surprising hypothesis: Certain samples of running water from large cities had a very coarse crystallization structure, while samples of water from springs offered crystals of great beauty. Thus, he expanded his study area by photographing crystallizations of water from various parts of the world [glaciers, lakes, rainwater, fountains], obtaining crystals with more beautiful and surprising shapes the further they were from human endeavor. The biggest surprise came when they were able to transform irregular patterns of contaminated water into beautiful hexagonal crystals by subjecting the samples to listening to traditional songs, religious prayers or classical music. Either by transforming 'indifferent' crystals of distilled water into beautiful geometric patterns by whispering words of thanks, or on the contrary, obtaining horrifying structures by subjecting them to unpleasant phrases. What is presented in this book is a mixture of science and art. And also of spirituality! The exposition of the technical and methodological part leaves something to be desired, although it is sufficiently drawn throughout the small texts of the book, and we understand that it is exposed more extensively in other publications. In short, this is an informative book and, as the author says, more about art and beauty than about technical aspects of his work. That said, the visuals, with over 180 generous full-color images, is more than impressive on its own: dozens of ice water crystals that lead us to the book's surprising hypothesis: the messages that water can convey about its state of mind, and in turn on the health of the Planet ...

39] THE CENTUTY OF THE SELF - EL SIGLO DEL SELF[documentary film with Spanish subtitles - 235 minutes]
Very interesting documentary of 4 series for the BBC that develops the rise of the almighty and consumerist Self in the 20th century.

Director Adam Curtis, with "The Century of the Self" discusses the influence of Edward Bernays, Freud's nephew who invented the work of Public Relations (formerly called Propaganda) and who used his uncle's psychoanalytic knowledge of the unconscious to create for the corporations and the CIA methods of control and domination over the masses.

Bernays taught the system that by linking industrial products to the unconscious desires of individuals, they could be made to do things that they initially did not want or need.

In this video the 4 chapters that make up the documentary are integrated:
Happiness machines
The engineering of consent
There is a policeman inside our minds: he must be destroyed
Eight people drinking wine at Kettering
To take it easy and enjoy it in parts. Highly recommended to understand the subtle forms of mass manipulation.

40] THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF WATER [Documentary film with audio in Spanish - 51 minutes] Not only does water have memory, everything has memory, even the smallest atom in the universe, or a quantum particle like a Quark, lepton, or even beyond a tachyon. Everything that exists It is energy embedded in a physical matrix, where tachyons form the vehicle of thought. Science says that the greatest speed is that of light; but in reality it is thought. Thought is thousands of times faster than light, and this is thanks to tachyons.

41] 2012 – EL MUNDO NO SE ACABA, SE TRANSFORMA [película documental con audio en español – 95 minutos]
Dicen los grandes seres que aquello en lo fijas tu atención, en eso te conviertes. En estos momentos en que nos estamos acercando a pasos agigantados hacía el 2012, muchas preguntas están surgiendo acerca del futuro que nos espera como humanidad.
Los mayas dejaron constancia en su famoso calendario que el mundo, tal y como lo conocemos, finalizará el 21 de diciembre de 2012. Una fecha que está mucho más próxima de lo en realidad pensamos.

Sharron Rose es cineasta, profesora, autora, coreógrafa y Fulbright Senior Research Scholar en la mitología del mundo, la Religión y el sagrado arte de la Danza, Música y Teatro. Ella escribió y dirigió en el 2006 este inspirador documental en el que participan entre otros Gregg Braden o el recientemente fallecido José Argüelles.

En estos tiempos convulsos que vivimos y en el que cada vez más personas despertamos a la realidad de la corrupción, manipulación y control que unos cuantos ejercen sobre el planeta y sobre nosotros, creo que es necesario y de obligación saber realmente donde debemos poner el foco de nuestra atención para cambiar nuestra realidad futura.

Muchas personas se empeñan en seguir ofreciendo su energía a los acontecimientos negativos que cada vez son más y de los que cada vez tenemos más conocimiento, pero creo que eso realmente no nos ayuda a realizar la elevación de conciencia imprescindible que forzosamente debemos realizar si no queremos desaparecer como especie.

Dice Gregg Braden que este es el momento de elegir. Y sólo tenemos dos caminos. O bien nos resistimos a los cambios sucediendo a todos los niveles, o bien fluimos y nos armonizamos con esos cambios.

Si aquello en lo que fijamos nuestra atención es aquello en lo que nos convertimos, ¿por qué no empezar a fijarla en proyectar la vida perfecta, armoniosa y de respeto hacía el planeta que en realidad todos queremos?…Ahora tenemos la gran oportunidad de cambiar nuestro destino. Realmente tenemos una gran suerte de poder vivir este momento único de transformación de la humanidad. Todos los grandes maestros nos han estado preparando para este momento histórico. Según ellos deberíamos estar agradecidos por las circunstancias que vivimos ya que ellas nos están sirviendo para realizar esos cambios positivos de conciencia. En vez de enfrentarnos una y otra vez y ponernos en contra de lo que no queremos y no gusta, podríamos elegir centrarnos en lo que sí queremos ver y nos gusta. Sólo así lograremos reflejar y manifestar en el mundo externo lo que hay en nuestro interior. Pero si seguimos dando prioridad a lo negativo que nos asedia eso será lo que seguiremos creando en nuestra vida y la de todos.

Espero que el film os resulte tan enaltecedor como lo ha sido para mi.

42] LA MATRIZ DE LA VIDA [película documental
Definitivamente los llamados “milagros”, son hechos que la ciencia está investigando y a los que muy probablemente podrá dar explicación en breve.

A lo largo de mi vida he tenido la oportunidad de conocer de primera mano personas que han experimentado algún tipo de curación milagrosa, y desde muy jovencita me he estado preguntado qué son las enfermedades y por qué la medicina no tiene una solución efectiva y real para muchas de ellas, sobre todo para las llamadas “enfermedades extrañas”.Podría enumerar bastantes de esos llamados “milagros”, que además he tenido el gusto de conocer y presenciar en primera persona, pero tal vez lo mejor sea conocer los testimonios reales de personas que explican ese proceso de sanación ante las cámaras para el documental “La Matriz de la Vida”.

Muchas veces he escuchado que para ver este tipo de informaciones uno debe desprenderse de los prejuicios, y debe ser útil hacerlo, pero realmente creo que a estas alturas de la humanidad muchos de nosotros ya hemos conocido a alguien que ha vivido alguna experiencia similar como las que aquí se mencionan.

Descripción del Documental:
La Matriz de la Vida es una película que presenta la nueva visión de la medicina tomando el cuenta el campo unificado, los campos morfogenéticos alrededor del cuerpo siendo invisible a nuestros sentidos regula y controla todo el organismo, siendo el campo de la CONCIENCIA.

Muchos científicos comunican la falta de razonamientos para entender las veloces reacciones del sistema nervioso, y los millones de cambios metabólicos del organismo humano. El Biólogo Dr.Bruce Lipton, Fritz Popp Phd, Ruperte Sheldrake Phd. y nos hablan que la física cuántica y la génetica no explica como funciona un ser biopsiquico como lo s seres humanos. El ADN y los genes son potencialidades que se pueden modificar con las creencias y la adaptación al entorno. El campo unificado alrededor de l cuerpo y los Biofotones es lo único que explicaría la velocidad en que se rige nuestro organismo.

La nueva visión de la medicina tendría que tomar en cuenta los conocimientos de la física cuántica, que lo invisible y veloz es el sistema de control de los organismos vivos. Todavia hace falta algo mas para entender a una entidad viva biopsiquica.
El corazón emite sonido y ondas electromagneticas para imprimir en el campo del cuerpo la información y trasmitirla por todo el cuerpo. La coherencia de los ritmos del corazón con el cerebro explica el orden y armonia para aumentar el sistema de sanación natural. Esto representa una revolución en el campo de la medicina, donde se proponen estudiar mas como sanamos que como enfermamos, para ayudar a la auto-regeneración natural en vez de clasificar tantas variantes de las enfermedades.

43] LA CIENCIA DE LOS MILAGROS GREGG BRADEN [películas documental con subtitulado en español – 60 minutos]
La Ciencia de los Milagros es un documental que nos desvela de forma científica y a través del geólogo Gregg Braden los entresijos que crean, materializan y sostienen la realidad física del mundo que vivimos. Algo que en todas las escrituras antiguas se ha expuesto, pero que por orden expreso de quienes siempre han sustentado el poder en este planeta, ha sido ocultado y silenciado.

Braden trabaja en Philips Petroleum, es ingeniero y diseñador de sistemas aeroespaciales, y un científico conocido por unir el mundo de la espiritualidad con el de la Ciencia.

44] MENTES BRILLANTES EN BUSCA DE LA FELICIDAD [película documental con audio en español – 93 minutos]
Documental dirigido por Larry Kurnarsky que analiza la gran búsqueda de la humanidad en pos de la felicidad.
Intervienen autores de Best sellers como Eckart Tolle [El poder del ahora], Mariane Williamson [Espera un milagro], Don Miguel Ruiz [Los cuatro acuerdos], Gary Renard [La desaparición del universo] y Matthew Nelly [Tú decides].
Líderes espirituales y religiosos: Nachum Shiffren [The Surfing Rabbi], Dr. Rev. Robert A. Schuller [of the Crystal Cathedral], el Venerable Lama tibetano Chodal Gyatso Nupka, Rev. Michael Bernhard Beckwith, Dr. Mary Manin Morrissey, Dr. Harry Morgan Moses.
Defensores de los derechos humanos, pensadores contemporáneos, etc…

45] EL DESPERTAR DE LA CONSCIENCIA BIOLÓGICA – ENRIC CORBERA[conferencia con audio en español – 123 minutos]

46] 2012. CONVERGENCIA ARMÓNICA. CICLO CÓSMICO [película documental con audio en español – 34 minutos]
Què soy y quièn soy, qué hago aquí. Xavier Pedro Gallego nos explica los 4 proyectos que se han desarrollado en nuestro planeta, muy distintos entre sí : 1º Lemuria. 2ª Atlantida, 3º el triangulo conformado por: Egipto-Tibet – Mayas y 4º Esenios. Nos explica las distintas fases de evolución del ser humano : 3.3 y 3.4. De la ascensión a 5ª dimensión y de los 7 mil millones de almas que estamos en búsqueda no sabiendo muy bien qué estamos buscando…
Esta entrevista es una contribución a la colectividad.
“La materia es un medio, no un fin”.

47] LA CONSCIENCIA DE SER. XAVIER PEDRO Y BLANCA [conferencia con audio en español – 48 minutos]
“Somos almas [espiritus], dentro de un cuerpo físico [materia], viviendo una experiencia humana. Esa experimentación nos llevara a todos de la ignorancia a la sabiduria. Con ello nos iremos dando cuenta de lo que realmente somos y del porque estamos aquí, tomando poco a poco consciencia de nuestro Ser”

48] LA LLAMADA DEL DESPERTAR – MARCEL MESSING [entrevista con subtitualdo en español – 110 minutos]

49] ARTESANOS [película documental con audio en español – 82 minutos] Película documental de las familia Pando, continuación de la primer película llamada: Creer es crear.Nos muestra que todos somos creadores y ser creador es que dios, fluya a través nuestro.

50] “MEAT THE TRUTH” (subtítulos en español) Meat the Truth expone una visión del calentamiento global, desde un ángulo diferente, que lo vuelve más manejable desde lo personal. Nicolaas G. Pierson Fundation

Video: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre!! How The Massacre Unfolded REACTION!! (June 2022).


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