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Vegetable lasagna without pasta

Vegetable lasagna without pasta

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To make a good vegetable lasagna it is not necessary to use pasta. I'm going to show you (And how easy and delicious it is !!!)


2 beautiful courgettes (large: they must be able to cut cross slices, which will serve to substitute the pasta) 1 spring onion 2 carrots 1 red pepper Padrón peppers Olive oil Salt Pepper For the bechamel: a tablespoon of olive oil a tablespoon of flour, vegetable broth, salt ... and any other vegetables what do you think of!


To start with, you have to cut the zucchini into transverse slices, as thin as possible. With the rest of the vegetables, the cut will be to taste, but it is interesting that each one has a shape and a thickness, that's why the diversity: carrots do very well to be grated (I do it with the potato peeler and they are perfect), the padrón peppers are beautiful in rings, the red pepper in julienne strips and the onion in rings too (for example ... I said, it's a matter of taste).

In a baking dish greased in olive oil, alternate a layer of zucchini with one of vegetables. It is much better if the vegetables are in separate layers: the onion in one, the pepper in another, the carrot in another ... Each layer is slightly salt and pepper at the time of being mounted. It is convenient that every two layers add a few drops of olive oil to give flavor, but very little.

We put it in the oven over medium heat. The time depends on the thickness of the lasagna and the layers themselves (that is why it is convenient that everything is very thin), but it will surely be more than half an hour.

While it cooks over medium heat, we prepare a béchamel sauce, putting the olive oil in the pan and toasting the flour (the flour must be well, well toasted). Once toasted (I insist, toasted), add the vegetable broth little by little and salt. It is advisable to add a small amount of broth, stir it, and add more broth. The amount of broth is optional, since it depends on how thick the bechamel is desired.

When the lasagna is ready, pour the béchamel on top.

By Javier Martínez - Asturias, Spain



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