Ban the sale of rubber bands and bird traps

Ban the sale of rubber bands and bird traps

In search of protection for wild birds in the town of Pinamar, Province of Buenos Aires, an ordinance was approved to prohibit the sale of trap cages, rubber bands and slingshots.

The project promoted by the Bird Observers Club (COA) promotes the conservation of the great diversity of birds in the coastal town and highlights the role in the dispersal of seeds and control of pest insects among other benefits that these feathery birds bring to the ecosystem.

It also seeks to curb poaching, a practice already prohibited by law.

On the rubber bands, Amanda Paulos, a member of the COA comments: “The objective is to kill, but it is not easy to do it with a stone. Most of the time they are hurt and the birds are left helpless and suffering. It's very cruel". "All species of birds eat insects, they need protein of animal origin and thus help control these populations. We don't realize that they eat tons of insects and they are great contributors to our well-being and health "

The ordinance has an exception in the event of an eventual seasonal plague that puts the local ecosystem at risk and would be determined by national or provincial agencies.

The sanctions for non-compliance with this ordinance will consist of fines framed in the current Tax Code.

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