MIAU: A Revolutionary Documentary

MIAU: A Revolutionary Documentary

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At the Catholic University of Temuco, a group of sociology students presented the documentary MIAU. MIAU is an independent film made in Chile by "Insurrectional Movement for Self-Government" that covers a variety of different topics related to women's health, women's autonomy, and women's rights. It is a guide to the natural functions of our body and promotes a better understanding of how to care for and protect our bodies. Some of the topics it covers include:

- Family relationships based on gender: growing up and watching the women in our lives being the ones in charge of cleaning the house, taking care of the children and cooking

- Puberty: the challenge (both physical and psychological) of going through puberty as a girl and not having anyone to talk to, because these topics are taboo in society

- Birth: the obstetric-gynecological violence surrounding hospital births, as well as home births

- Abortion in hospitals: the violence that occurs when a woman goes to a hospital after having an abortion, and the violence that she suffers there

- Misoprostol / misotrol abortion: the lack of clarity around the dosage of this drug and the confusing way it affects each body differently, and the dangers of performing an abortion alone at home

- Alternative abortions: using herbs to abort and reconnect with your own body and the earth

- Menstruation: the physiological functions of menstruation and how to perform a self-control with a speculum

- Vaccines: the gendered way the government gives girls vaccines against diseases like HPV without an explanation of their causes

- Breast exams: how to have a breast exam to check for cancerous tumors

- Nutrition: various recipes for healthy juices that will lead to a better life and more connected with the body itself

- among other topics …

While this documentary is explicit at times (with the nudity required to explain most concepts) it is also incredibly important to show these aspects of our lives in an honest and direct way.

The human body and especially the body of women, is masked by shame and social norms, in school and university texts they do not teach us about our anatomy, the real magnitude of our clitoris is hidden and the power of our wombs.

This documentary tries to teach us more about the bodies in which we live. Especially in a patriarchal culture like the one that exists in Chile, the more women know about their physical and mental oppression, the stronger they will be to oppose it!

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Video: BBC The French Revolution - Tearing Up History (June 2022).


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