4 million years of evolution to get to this?

4 million years of evolution to get to this?

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Australopithecus is the oldest known hominid. Australopithecus means "South African ape" and is estimated to be up to 4 million years old.

The prehistoric man's diet depended basically on the gathering of plants, tubers and other vegetables, as well as the ingestion of insects, insect eggs and small animals.

One or more subspecies of Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens, a new physical type. The oldest remains of Homo sapiens are between 250,000 and 50,000 years old. In a strict sense he is called homo sapiens neanderthalis: the Neanderthal man.

Neanderthals were more capable and mentally advanced than any other being that had previously inhabited Earth.

Neanderthal man abruptly disappeared, his place was taken by modern men, about 35 thousand years ago.

After the Neanderthal came Homo sapiens sapiens, which is the species to which modern human beings belong. The survival of humanity during the Paleolithic was largely achieved through community life, ingenuity, technical discoveries and the social capacity it developed to communicate and preserve the memory of its culture.

What gave modern man his control over the Earth was not his physical abilities, but his ability to take advantage of and transmit to his descendants the cultural information learned through his intelligence.

After many thousands of years of evolution, we could say that the human being has advanced a lot technologically, although he has not been able to do it at the same pace, neither emotionally nor spiritually.

We have not been able to make acts of kindness, solidarity and love prevail in our conduct, much less eradicate evils from our society such as wars, the depredation of natural resources, ethnic or religious hatred.

We possibly arrive at the least rational moment in our history, the most violent, most unjust and with the greatest difference between rich and poor; we have the greatest destructive capacity and we are increasingly subject to the capricious will of smaller and smaller groups.

However, and in contrast, we also have the greatest amount of accumulated knowledge about nature, about biology, medicine, astronomy and all branches of science. We have the necessary knowledge to modify everything from DNA to the climate of the entire planet.

Our species is at a point in its history in which it must decide whether to follow the path of civilization or barbarism, that of violence or love, that of predation or sustainability.

It is the first time that we must decide universally, as a species, on a global level. But it is a decision that we definitely cannot leave in the hands of the few who have been guiding the paths that humanity has taken in recent decades, because if the decision is wrong, it is also very possible that it will be the last.
Deciding correctly means Action. It means fighting for human rights in its broadest sense. Those of the past, those of the present and those of future generations. Against deforestation and for the redistribution of wealth. Against wars and because there is access to drinking water for all. Against GMOs and pesticides and for peace in the world and for the freedom of the five. Against the exploitation of man by man and for access to health, education, housing and work. Against hunger in the world and for the end of the consumer society. It does not matter in which front of the fight we find ourselves, if its ultimate goal is to achieve a healthy environment and a dignified life for everyone, it is that we are on the same path, one that guarantees the survival of humanity.

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