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Vegan Brownie and no bake! Recipe

Vegan Brownie and no bake! Recipe

In just 30 minutes and without turning on the oven you can enjoy a delicious raw vegan brownie.

This brownie recipe is great for sharing and super healthy!

Vegan Brownie

Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 15 according to size.
Conservation: 3 days.


- 200 gr. raw hazelnuts / walnuts / almonds
- 200 gr. dried figs
Half a glass of water or enough water to process
- Three tablespoons of pure cocoa


We let the hazelnuts soak the night before.
We put the drained hazelnuts and the figs in the blender and blend well. We add a little water if it is too thick.
We add the cocoa and crush again.
We remove the pasta from the blender and we are making cupcakes with a mold of the shape that we like the most.
We keep in the fridge until serving time.

Tip: You can use the same vegan brownie mix to make truffles coated with grated coconut or use this mix as a base for raw cakes with vegan ice cream on top. Everything needs cold once ready. The cake would need a freezer for the first few hours, then a refrigerator.

Serving tip: To serve this delicious vegan brownie, you can add a few pieces of apple and carob cream that is prepared by mixing carob flour with any vegetable drink (rice, almonds, oatmeal ...), stirring well until obtaining a thick cream.

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