Delicious gluten-free dessert: yogurt and pineapple curd

Delicious gluten-free dessert: yogurt and pineapple curd

Perhaps at first they may seem an unappetizing option and lack of flavor, but the truth is that we can make delicious desserts with gluten-free ingredients.

To make this delicious gluten-free and completely healthy dessert, you'll need to open your mind a bit, beyond the simple ingredients that are required. And it is that the yogurt and pineapple curd is an ideal preparation for celiacs or people with constipation problems.

This dessert combines the best of natural gluten-free yogurt with fresh, citrusy and healthy fruits (in this case: pineapple andwill stimulate your intestinal flora. Basically, it is a direct consequence of the action of the probiotic enzymes in natural gluten-free yogurt. Thus, it will make the discomfort of constipation disappear.

Among the benefits of yogurt and pineapple curd, its contribution to the symptomatic treatment of bone problems also stands out. Thanks to the content of calcium and other minerals, helps with growth stimulation and preservation of bones in the human body. This is essential for both children and adults.

In addition, within the list of desserts to prepare and consume that every celiac should have, it is important that this recipe for yogurt and pineapple curd is tasted at least once. It does not take too much time and it has relevant properties that make it worth preparing.

However,this preparation also includes a cream that accompanies the main dessert and its active ingredient is cream. Although it can be achieved low in fat, it would be best to use a gluten and lactose free one. That is, soy or oat cream, in order to avoid any stomach or digestive problems.

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