How to transform chicken manure into organic compost

How to transform chicken manure into organic compost

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Until recently, Colombian producers discarded chicken manure because they did not consider it useful for crops. Little by little they realized that it could be a good compost by observing how plants and weeds grew in the places where they deposited the chicken manure.

Today, chicken manure has become a fertilizer with high nutritional value that is priced well on the market. In Colombia, about 59,000 tons of chicken manure are produced per day as a result of the deposition of 380 million chickens and 24 million layers. Let's calculate that each chicken produces 150 grams of manure while a laying hen produces 100 grams.

The value of a day's production can exceed 1,500 million pesos since each dehydrated ton is sold between 75,000 and 80,000 pesos, depending on the degree of humidity.

How chicken manure works

The chicken manure or chicken manure is the one that comes from the raising of hens for the production of eggs. It is valued as a fertilizer with a high content of nutrients for the soil such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Even this fertilizer is more concentrated in nutrients than cow manure.

However, to be used to the maximum, it must be balanced and controlled from the feeding that the birds receive. Part of the secret is that the chicken manure must be put to dry in half shade, in addition to the fact that there are already certain products on the market that can be added to speed up fermentation

Chicken manure improves the physical characteristics of the soil, it is used in the fertilization of a wide range of crops: flowers, grasses, legumes, bananas, potatoes, sorghum, coffee, sugar cane and fruit trees, among others.

However, other uses have been found for it: mixed with cocoa shell, it constitutes a new alternative for feeding livestock specialized in milk production.

This has been recommended by technicians from the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA), in studies on the nutritional value of these by-products considered disposable in the past.

It is even used to feed, mixed with water and lime, to the fry of cachama, tilapia and red mojarra.

Advantages of chicken manure

Among some of the advantages of chicken manure compared to fertilizers of chemical origin are: a better exchange and assimilation with the crop, softens and enriches hard soils and favors the retention of heat in the earth for longer.

However, despite the attractive prices as fertilizer, the poultry farmers cited in a study by the National Federation of Poultry Farmers (Fenavi) indicated that because it is a business independent from that of poultry, it has not developed and because it is an informal business there is no official standardization.


According to experiments, excellent yields have been obtained in corn and sugar cane crops.

In the case of the pastusa potato, it has been possible to reach fifty tons per hectare. Without this fertilizer, only averages of thirty-35 tons are reached.

And a very important detail is the reduction in costs, which ranges between 30 and 35 percent.

Its benefits have been proven in different crops, soils and climates: coffee, in Gran Caldas; pastures, sorghum, soybeans, cotton and fruit trees in Tolima and Meta; pastures, potatoes and fruit trees in Boyacá; pastures, potatoes, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers in Cundinamarca.

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