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Properties of three-year Kukicha and Bancha tea

Properties of three-year Kukicha and Bancha tea

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Enjoying an infusion or a cup of tea, in addition to having great possibilities of becoming a daily ritual, considerably favors health. And it is that, the different variants of this drink composed of various plants, cause a series of very interesting effects for the body.

The three year old tea or Kukicha, It is a tea with hardly any theine, children can even have it for breakfast if no vegetable drink suits them.Bancha tea instead it does have theine. Both provide a large amount of natural calcium that our body absorbs and fixes in the bones. It has remineralizing and alkalizing effects.

The main beneficial effect of kukicha tea derives from its strong alkalizing power. This drink helps to alkalize the tissues and fluids of the body, thus balancing the acidity levels of the body and preventing multiple diseases.

Include a Kukicha tea in your breakfasts and snacks, add a tablespoon of rice molasses or agave syrup and you will have a delicious and very energetic drink.

Through moderate but continuous consumption, these teas, and in combination with a correct intake of foods that achieve a balanced nutritional intake, are capable of considerably helping to prevent numerous diseases, strengthen defenses, help you lose weight or even fight constipation.

Properties of Kukicha tea and Bancha tea

But in addition to its alkalizing power even more than any other Japanese tea, kukicha tea also has remineralizing properties. A cup of kukicha drunk hot when we wake up in the morning is a good source of calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, and fluoride. It is also rich in B vitamins, vitamins C and A, flavonoids and catechins (the polyphenols that have made green tea famous as an anti-cancer drink). There is no doubt that it is a good way to start the day.

Another benefit of three-year tea is that it has practically no contraindications. You only have to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, or if you want to give it to children. You always have to take care of the number of infusions that we take.

Preparation of Kukicha tea and Bancha tea

In a saucepan, heat 2 liters of mineral water and a tablespoon of tea sprigs, let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes.

Let it rest for 5 minutes and strain it. Add if you like a little sweet a tablespoon of agave syrup or rice molasses or stevia.

Include kukicha tea or bancha tea in your breakfasts

A very beneficial breakfast can be:

A Bancha or Kukicha tea with gluten-free teff and rice bread toasts with sugar-free blueberry jam or with olive oil or vegetable pate.

We can also include it in the middle of the morning with some raw peeled almonds, providing both minerals, calcium and magnesium.

It is also very good with a little vegetable drink.

What tea favors us and at what time

Take Kukicha tea for breakfast and snack because of its low theine content.

Elté Bancha better only at breakfast. Due to its higher content of theine, its intake in the afternoon can intervene in our sleep, just like a cup of coffee.

It was the great teacher Ohsawa, the forerunner of macrobiotics, who introduced this tea to Europe and called it "three-year tea." In Japan, kukicha tea is considered the poor man's tea because it is made from the branches that are wasted, but it is actually the healthiest.This tea is more yang than bancha tea.It can relieve nausea and gastritis.

It is a drink that people suffering from nephritis, bladder infection, neurasthenia, heart disease, indigestion and general fatigue, people who are intolerant to vegetable drinks, dairy products and preservatives, should incorporate into their diet.

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