They want to sell Ghana's nature to China

They want to sell Ghana's nature to China

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The thick rainforest southeast of Ghana is extremely biodiverse and protected. Sign please.


To: HE Nana Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President

The Atewa forest is a protected area that should not be exploited to extract bauxite. Please declare it a national park.

Ransford Adjei was left speechless as he reviewed the photos from his camera traps. The researcher from the environmental network A Rocha International counted on seeing animals such as pangolins, nurseries or, with great luck, primates like the ursine colobus. But a gray mangabey? This species of primate is in the wild threatened with extinction.

The forest ofMontana by Atewa is exceptionally biodiverse: evergreen jungle, river landscapes that serve as a refuge for animal and plant species. And they supply water to five million people.

Atewa is also rich in bauxite. And that aspect wants to strengthen the government and commercialize it, although the “Sierra de Atewa Forest Reserve” is an official protected area.

"The discovery of the gray mangabey will reinforce our campaign to save the Atewa forest," Daryl Bosu is convinced. The Director of A Rocha International has been fighting for more than four years for the government to declare Atewa as a National Park.

"We had almost done it," Bosu says. "With the help of environmentalists from all over the world, also from Salva la Selva, we were able to convince the previous government, withdraw permits for bauxite exploration and open the way to a future National Park."

The new government has decided on the contrary, to make money with the resources of the soil and has reached an agreement of 10 billion dollars with China, to mine and transform bauxite. "All the negotiations took place behind the wrong doors," complains Daryl Bosu who demands that the government put all the cards on the table and protect Atewa from said exploitation.

"No dollar from the bauxite business can match the value of the forest both for us and for generations to come."Please join us in demanding the declaration of Atewa as a National Park.

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