McDonald’s potatoes are not suitable for vegans or celiacs

McDonald’s potatoes are not suitable for vegans or celiacs

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There is a hidden reason why McDonald’s potatoes are so tasty and addictive to consumers. The fast food giant adds an ingredient unknown to the vast majority of its consumers that makes potatoes no longer suitable for vegans or celiacs.

The string uses "natural beef flavor" in thepotatoes of all its stores around the world. However, thevegetarian they can consume them.

On the website ofMcDonald’s it is explained that thisbeef flavor contains hydrolyzed wheat and milk. The hydrolysis process of the ingredients consists of breaking down the proteins in milk and wheat with water, giving rise to a flavor that is reminiscent of milk.meat. Therefore, although there is no meat in thepotatoes, yes there is milk, that's why they aresuitable for vegetarians but not forvegan. The main problem is that this information is not properly advertised in the restaurants of McDonald’sand it's easy for avegan consume thesepotatoes not knowing they have milk.

The company advertises on its North American website that the French fries they sell are high quality varieties, crisp and golden on the outside, tender on the inside and totallyfat freetrans.

What other hidden ingredients do potatoes have?

For its part, McDonald’s make yourpotatoes from whole potatoes that are peeled, cut and partially fried to be packaged and sent to all restaurants in the world. Once at your destination,potatoes they are re-fried this time completely. “After the bleaching process, we add a solution ofdextrose which gives potatoes that nice, regular coating we see in restaurants. We also add an ingredient that prevents them from turning gray during the process ”, he explains.Mario Dupuis,production manager ofMcCain, supplier of potatoes forMcDonald’s inCanada. In addition, to maintain the color of thepotatoesMcDonald’s It uses sodium acid pyrophosphate and to accentuate the flavor they add hydrogenated soybean oil and salt.

Apparently, the recipe for goodchips They should not have more than three essential ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt. But the list of ingredients thatMcDonald’suses goes further and will surprise consumers, even because it contains some GMOs:


-Cola or rapeseed oil (transgenic)

-Soya oil (transgenic)

- Tert-butyl-hydroquinone hydrogenated soybean oil (TBHQ)

-Corn oil

-Safflower oil, if heated to high temperatures it is chemically altered

-Dextrose, a type of sugar.

-Sodium pyrophosphate acid to give them yellow color

-Citric acid, a preservative.

-Dimethylpolysiloxane, antifoam agent.

- "Natural flavor" from a vegetable source, (obviously this is not an ingredient)

Natural beef flavoring (with hydrolyzed wheat and milk derivatives).

Frying in good olive oil is heart-healthy, not so much doing it in vegetable oil. According to the company, its potatoes are fried in a mixture of 7 components: canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil.

Consequences of some ingredients on health:

TBHQ is a very effective antioxidant ingredient for edible fats that has been linked to diseases such as asthma, skin disorders, hormonal disorders, and, in long-term animal studies, certain types of cancer and DNA damage.

As part of this image washing campaign, the fast food company has posted a video on YouTube in which a marketing manager in Canada responds to questions from some consumers, explaining, for example, why the company's food it looks different in advertisements and in real life. The video ‘unveils’ an advertising montage session and retouching the image of a hamburger for one of its campaigns:

(Video in English, activate subtitles in Spanish)

In conclusion

Without debating why simple French fries need such a collection of ingredients, what is surprising is that they contain wheat - which makes them a food not suitable for celiacs - and milk - a food of animal origin that would make McDonald's French fries they were not suitable for vegans either.

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