Gourmet cuisine, what it is

Gourmet cuisine, what it is

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Gourmet cuisine, what it is, what its origins are and how the best recipes are born. From gourmet pizza to first courses.

Gourmet cuisine, what the term is and what it means

Let's start with themeaningof the termGourmet. This word is treated simply asfoodie. Then"Gourmet cuisine"does it mean “gourmet cuisine”? In general, yes, but more than "gourmets" we should speak of connoisseurs. Connoisseurs of taste and well-being.

For the restaurant industry, the termgourmetit represents a strong opportunity for speculation. There is no shortage of restaurants that offer mini portions at a hyper price using the word shield gourmet.

But what is gourmet cuisine?

To explain well what gourmet cuisine is, I must necessarily start from its origins.

Gourmet cuisine, origins and history

That "gourmet“Can be described as afood movementborn in the United States in 1980. This movement was strongly desired by an upper middle class, fed up with the food degradation that characterized the USA at that time.

The termgourmet, also in the USA, has undergone an evolution in the 2000s. In this situation, consumers in the upper middle class have begun to give more importance to the health aspects of the daily diet and to the origins of the food consumed.

There gourmet cuisine, in the USA, was born in clear opposition to the concept of Fast Food.

In Italy, we have only recently been witnessing the expansion offast food. We certainly do not lack McDonalds and places that offer junk food but in every self-respecting city there are a good number of typical restaurants that offer pure authenticity, regardless of the concept ofgourmet.

In short, the term here in Italygourmetit should identify the excellence of food excellence.

Gourmet cuisine in Italy

In Italy we have theMediterranean diet which, in itself, should embody the desired concept at the birth of the gourmet movement: a cuisine that can be genuine and that can fully satisfy the palate.

I am very sorry to do this but I will have to talk about social classes once again.

According to research, the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease but apparently works only for the economically stronger classes.

This was the result of research conducted by the IRCCS Neuromed Institute for Scientific Hospitalization and Care. The research, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, showed that with the same adherence to the Mediterranean diet, the reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases was observed only in people with a high level of education and in those with a higher family income.

This is because only those with a high income can afford food excellence such as extra virgin olive oil (rich in antioxidants), fresh food and intelligent cooking methods.

What does all this have to do with gourmet cuisine?
Gourmet cuisine should include highly selected ingredients to enhance the palate and above all to guarantee the body its functions.

Many restaurateurs don't even know it, but there gourmet cuisine, due to the way it has evolved, it should not only enhance the palate with refined flavors but it should also be good for the body or at least not harm it!

For many, the term gourmet cuisine has a simpler meaning: cuisine with elite tastes! Thus even a haute cuisine risotto prepared with farmed prawns could be considered gourmet. But this is deeply wrong! A gourmet dish should include selected ingredients from the first to the last, not only for its organoleptic characteristics but above all for its 360 ° properties.

Gourmet recipes, including typical dishes and innovations

It is right to look for innovative combinations and new recipes, but always respecting the genuineness of the individual ingredients used. The term gourmet should be identified withcuisine for connoisseursand notinnovative cuisinean end in itself, otherwise we risk losing sight of the origins of this movement!

The gourmet was not born to discover new foods but to escape those of the mass. To escape fast food or too long and reckless à la carte menus!

Gourmet pizza

As I explained to you in the guide article "How to make gourmet pizza“, Even a simple margherita, with the right ingredients, can be consideredGourmet. To be able to define it gourmet, a Margherita must be prepared with selected ingredients. To make it, therefore, you will have to replace the classic tomato puree with fillet tomatoes using typical varieties such as iPiennolo tomatoes from Vesuviuswell matched with oneDOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania,to be served with fragrant and very fresh basil.

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