Red maple bonsai

Red maple bonsai

Red maple bonsai: care, cultivation and characteristics. Purchase price and all the information on repotting, maintenance and pruning.

In the articletypes of maple bonsaiwe have seen that there are indeed a large number of bonsai and say "palmate maple bonsai" or "Japanese red maple bonsai”Means little. These definitions are not very precise because there are different types ofpalmate maples and among these different types ofred maples and… yes, all from Japan! :) In short, sayingred maple bonsaiseveral plants can be identified.

Japanese red maple bonsai

For the sake of summary, let's talk about the twoJapanese red maple bonsaimost popular, theAcer palmatum Atropurpureumand theAcer Palmatum Deshojio, the latter is considered a kind ofdivinity of bonsai!

L'Japanese red mapleAtropurpureum always has red leaves. The leaves, upon vegetative spring awakening, are formed red and remain this color until their fall in autumn. Basically this Japanese red mapleit has red leaves throughout its vegetative period. This is the crucial difference betweenJapanese red maple Atropurpureumand theDeshojo Japanese red maple. I remember that they are both palmate maples and the leaves have the same shape.

L'Deshojo Japanese red mapleis considered thefinest maple and so did hisbonsaiit has a higher economic value.

In the spring, when theJapanese red maple bonsai Deshojoit stops its vegetative rest, the first leaves appear. In this specimen, the leaves are first a bright red and then turn a deep green.

What to expect from aJapanese red maple bonsai Deshojo? In spring you will see the new red and small shoots. As the leaves mature and become larger and deep red. As summer approaches, some more mature leaves begin to turn green. Thus on the plant you will have young and red leaves and mature and green leaves.

Japanese red maple bonsai, care

Regardless of whether it is a mapledeshojoor atropurpureum, thecareto dedicate to the small plant are the same.

Like any bonsai, even thepalmate mapleneeds special attention. If, like me, you live on the seventh floor facing the sea, you cannot keep the plant out in the open due to strong winds. A little wind does not hurt but when it comes to intense and daily currents, the maple leaves would not hold up and so you have to find a more sheltered position.

Ask: theCan red maple bonsai be grown at home?

In ideal conditions, as well as all outdoor bonsai, it could be kept at home ... but it is rare that in the home you can find the ideal conditions of light, humidity and ventilation. Thebonsai, when grown at home, it needs constant air changes, a very bright place and, in the case of red maple bonsai, not exposed to direct sunlight.

If you have a very bright veranda, with stained glass windows and a large window to keep open very often, then you can grow any bonsai at home, including thered maple. At home, watering must be scarce, irrigate once every two days. In the summer, if you keep the red maple bonsai outdoors, you must be ready to water even 2-3 times a day! So as you well understand, the need forbonsaithey change a lot according to the cultivation whether internal or external.

Theregrowing maple bonsai at homein addition, it has some contraindications. Apart from that you expose the plant to greater risk of diseases, but you risk missing the spectacle of the fall of the leaves.

Maple is not an evergreen. In autumn it begins to lose its leaves and for a few months you will have the plant completely bare. By observing the vegetative cycle, you will be able to appreciate this plant more.

Under ideal conditions, when themaple bonsaigrown indoors, it may be able to survive the winter by keeping a few leaves or even most of the leaves when the climate is controlled and more temperate.

Therepottingit is performed in autumn or in any case before the vegetative awakening. It is in this period that the maple can be pruned while the defoliation, in order to thicken the plant and reduce the size of the leaves, can be performed in late spring.

Above right, the photo of my deshojo Japanese red maple bonsai.

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