Pyrite, properties of stone

Pyrite, properties of stone

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Pyrite, chemical properties and crystal therapy. Therepyriteit's a mineral very common and its economic value can depend on many factors. On this page we will examine the properties of the stone and yours features.

Therepyriteis a mineral stone given by disulfide of iron (II) with the chemical formula FeS2. Despite its color, the stone has nothing to do with gold. In the past, because the inexperienced could confuse it with gold, it was nicknamed as the gold of fools.

Pyrite, economic value and forms

Anyone looking to make a fortune with thepyriteis in dire straits. Therepyriteit's aStonevery common and for this reason, unlike gold, it does not have a price per gram or kilo!

Given its abundance, itscostit is not punctuated bycaratas it happens with other precious stones and much less from the gram. Thepriceof pyrite and therefore its economic value, is determined by the demand of collectors and can grow in the case of particularly sought-after shapes.

In general it can be said that pyrite cubes (raw pyrite) are less expensive than pyrite worked in spherical shape. Pyrite spheres with a diameter of 5 - 7 cm can be paid from 40 to 60 euros. In any case, processed pyrite will have a much lower price in case of raw pyrite with refined shapes.

In nature, icubesof pyrite are very common and develop in different sizes, equally common are the pentagonododecahedral or octahedral crytals. Sometimes they have triglyphic streaks or in other cases there are twinnings that trigger particular forms. Very common is the shape of a cross in which two pentagonododecadric crystals form the so-called "iron cross", in this case the pyrite can have a higher commercial value. Other characteristic formations can also attract the attention of collectors. Another interesting case is when a pyrite formation hosts another stone.

Its value can greatly increase when the stone is found as a replacement mineral for fossils settled in an oxygen-poor environment.

Industrially, pyrite is used for the production of sulfur dioxide used by the paper industry and for the production of sulfuric acid. The economic value of pyrite could increase as this material is finding application for the production of cathodes for non-rechargeable lithium batteries. It is in fact a semiconductor material with a band gap of 0.95 eV.

Pyrite, where to find it

Its formation is sedimentary or magmatic. In Italy there is no shortage of deposits of this mineral, especially in Tuscany, in the Province of Grosseto, in the area of ​​the Metalliferous Hills which today are no longer exploited. The most recent mine in the area was closed in 1996 and is that of Boccheggiano.

In Italy, the place richest in pyrite is the island of Elba. In coastal areas it is still possible to find this mineral in its raw form.

Pyrite is a mineral composed of sulfur and iron, joined with a predominantly ionic bond. It does not possess magnetic properties.

Pyrite, properties in crystal therapy and chakras

Even if its economic value is negligible, incrystal therapy pyriteit is a very popular stone.

It represents the fire element and concerns the sphere of energy and masculine strength. Its spiritual characteristics are related to courage, conquest, will and purification.

Its properties are related to the third chakra Manipura. The navel and solar plexus chakra.

In the past, pyrite was used for the production of protective amulets, to warm the body and counteract ailments related to cooling (fever, colds, inflammation.

Considered the connecting chakra, pyrite can be guarded by those who tend to suffer from stomach cramps, slow digestion and problems with the respiratory system.

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