DIY face scrub

DIY face scrub

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DIY face scrub, to take care of your person even starting from small gestures that lead to big changes. The do-it-yourself face scrub is just one of these "little gestures" because it is not necessary to be an expert beautician to make it but it can lead to very satisfactory results. The important is apply and do it regularly, not when you remember.

The DIY face scrub it is precious due to the mechanical action it exerts on the skin thanks to the presence of micro granules that can also be natural. By carrying out light massages on the face, these particles, without hurting the skin, thoroughly remove the dirt and impurities that ruin it, they eliminate dead cells and bring brightness back to freshness.

There are times that it does DIY face scrub is intended as a treatment in its own right, for improve skin, others, on the other hand, serve as a preparation when anti-wrinkle, firming, nourishing, moisturizing treatments etc.

Oily skin face scrub

For oily skin you need a scrub that has some astringent and purifying properties. We can prepare it with 4 teaspoons of raw cane sugar, 2 teaspoons of honey, half an apple puree and a little lemon juice. Mixing all the ingredients, they are then passed on the face, massaging gently and then rinse with warm water. It takes about 15 minutes, however, otherwise the compound has no effect.

DIY face scrub

THE benefits of do-it-yourself face scrub they are innumerable, starting with the economic ones. The most important, however, is inherent in the quality of the raw materials. If we prepare the face scrub with our hands, we can choose which recipe to make from time to time without wasting the compound already made, but above all we can decide to use only natural and quality ingredients.

It is not at all difficult to find cheap and fresh products with which to treat the face, micro granules are certainly not a problem because there are many of natural origin: salt, sugar, bicarbonate, chopped apricot kernels etc ...

TO difference of gommage and peeling, the do-it-yourself face scrub has a more decisive and resolving action.

Dry skin face scrub

Suitable for dry skin is the yogurt scrub, to be prepared with 1 tablespoon of whole yogurt and a half of sugar. By mixing everything in a bowl, you get a preparation to be applied to the skin including the neck without any contraindications.

Impure skin face scrub

If we have the face with pimples and blackheads, better prepare the scrub with honey and oats. It takes 4 teaspoons of oatmeal and 3 teaspoons of honey, 1 drop of tea tree oil and a touch of sweet almond oil. Tea tree oil is a powerful natural disinfectant and is precisely the essential ingredient of this scrub for remove bacteria and impurities.

On line there are proposals as well effective and affordable, for example a pack of 600 grams of "Talasso scrub" for 17 euros, to remove dead cells and impurities, contains sea salt and lemon seeds.

Mixed skin face scrub

Always for skins with some impurities or mixed, there is also an aloe-based scrub. It should be prepared with a spoonful of aloe pulp, 3 of brown sugar, 3 of honey, then egg white and lemon which is used to mix the ingredients. This mixture should be left to act on the face for about a quarter of an hour and then it can be rinsed off with warm water.

Face and leg scrub

Applicable on the face but also on the legs, the scrub with sugar and honey which in addition to eliminating impurities, moisturizes the skin and restores brightness and elasticity. Also great to face the cold which can dry out and irritate the skin, not just the face.

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