Vegetable caviar: plant and price

Vegetable caviar: plant and price

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Vegetable caviar, it can be obtained from algae or from a plant, the price and also the flavor change but in both cases they are interesting alternatives for those who have chosen a vegetarian diet. For those who don't mind eating fish, the classic version is always valid and tasty. Caviar made from sturgeon, lump and salmon roe.

The vegetable caviar which is not derived from algae is citrus caviar, has a sour taste, between that of lemon and that of grapefruit, and the peel is also used as a spice, dried. The leaves can also be used in cooking, to flavor drinks.

Vegetable caviar plant

The citrus vegetable caviar is obtained from a fruit of Australian origin and is called "Citrus Caviar", "lemon caviar“,“ Finger Caviar ”, as well as "Citrus Caviar". Both the shape and the texture of its internal components are very reminiscent of real caviar, inside the fruit there are in fact some juicy spheres which, once opened, gush out. They can also have different colors, from white, to yellow, to pink and red, to green.

Vegetable caviar: price

The citrus caviar it is not produced in Italy but only directly imported the fruits from California or Australia. In these two lands of origin of the food and the plant, caviar-like spheres are used a lot also for the decoration of dishes, for preparation of jams, for garnishing canapés and for making cocktails.

Vegetable caviar: sale

It is not easy to find the citrus vegetable caviar. It should be searched with the name of Citrus Caviar, the one most frequently reported on the label and one of the companies that most likely manages to bring it to Italy too is Dutch and is called Nature's Pride. The seasons should also be considered, when the fruit from California is available starting from December.

Vegetable caviar: recipe

To prepare vegetable caviar, here is the recipe, in adedicated article.

Vegetable caviar of seaweed

The vegetable caviar of algae is perhaps the best known and joins that of citrus, still little known in our area. To produce vegan caviar from algae serves kelp seaweed, characteristic of the Atlantic Ocean and the Scandinavian coasts, dark in color and with a salty smell. In addition to being the essential ingredient for vegetable caviar, this seaweed has many interesting properties including those remineralizing and anti-inflammatory. It also works as a cure for cellulite and as an iodine supplement, contains phytosterols, polyphenols and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E.

Caviar of kelp seaweed it does not have properties similar to those of caviar, apart from the flavor, otherwise it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is a cruelty-free food. To spread on canapes it is perfect, but it can be used in the kitchen in various ways, even combined with fruit.

Ikea vegetable caviar

One of the places where we are most likely to find seaweed-based caviar is Ikea, which often keeps this product in its food shop, under the Tangkorn's name. With the name of Vegan Caviar or Cavi-Art we can also look for it in some foreign specialized shops.

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