Heart in the throat: causes and significance

Heart in the throat: causes and significance

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Have the heart in my throat it is a way of saying that can define, exaggerating, an anxious or agitated state of mind, or, not exaggerating, a sensation of palpitations and tachycardia. It should not be neglected, especially if it is often felt, but we do not immediately think about the worst because the causes are not always serious and related to heart problems. There are many situations in which you find yourself with your heart in your mouth while being very healthy.

Feel your heart in your throat

When they say they have the heart in my throat you have palpitations or, better, heartbeat, and what you feel is the surreal feeling that the heart is skipping a beat or that it is doing too many, more than necessary.

When you hear the heart in my throat you feel something abnormal in the chest, or in the throat or neck, it can happen whether you are at rest or if you are doing physical activity, it also depends a lot on the causes.

Heart in throat: causes

Strong emotions, even positive ones, they can create palpitations as can intense physical activity. Then there are drugs such as diuretics and decongestants, substances such as caffeine, alcohol, smoking and drugs, and medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders or anemia, which can be at the origin of this unpleasant sensation.

Without going to think of absurd causes, the heart in the throat can be due to lack of sleep or a particularly spicy meal, to a period of nervousness, stress, anxiety.

Anyone who is caught in a panic attack can have it palpitations and heartbeat as a symptom, hormonal changes can also cause a heart-pounding sensation.

There are also more serious causes, real health problems, such as hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, fever and chronic dehydration, not to mention the real heart problems.

Heart in throat: sensation

When the heart beats faster we talk about tachycardia, when it beats stronger, it can be extrasystole, that is, premature beating, these are not dangerous situations but from keep under control without panic. This feeling of having a heart in the throat can be accompanied by others such as dizziness, dizziness, fainting, difficulty in breathing, pain, feeling of pressure or tension in the chest, hyper sweating. In these cases, it is best to visit a specialist.

Heart in my throat: meaning

When we talk about heart in my throat we mean both the feeling that it beats harder and that it beats faster, whether it beats irregularly. The causes, as we have seen, can be insulting or serious, or on average worrying, it is therefore better to investigate them and not to be the heart in the throat for the heart in the throat.

In most cases, palpitations are not dangerous and disappear without any therapy, in others they turn out to be a symptom of heart disease and require careful and prompt therapy. It is always better to have a check-up visit, at most they will prescribe us a chamomile!

Heart in throat and irregular heartbeat

Palpitations also fall within the range of symptoms of an arrhythmia which is a problem with the rhythm or rate of the heartbeat itself a symptom of heart disease. An arrhythmia can be linked to heart attack, heart failure, problems with the valves or heart muscle. It is not common for the heart in the throat to lead us to a diagnosis of arrhythmia, it happens in less than half of the cases.

Heart in my throat: anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most frequent causes, precisely for this reason there is no need to panic resulting in only an aggravation of palpitations. Strong sensations such as anxiety, but also fear or stress can make us feel our heart beating faster or faster than normal.

Heart in throat at rest

Sometimes we are instructed to rest and try to relax when the heart beats faster or faster. If we are not relaxed types by nature, it is not so easy to force ourselves to be, but in our help there are natural remedies such as herbal teas and infusions to sip trying to enjoy life without anxiety. They can be found for all tastes, on the market, even online, on Amazon, where with 32 euros you can get your fill of quality and natural herbal tea.

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