Cold nose: causes and remedies

Cold nose: causes and remedies

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Cold nose, sometimes simply because it's cold, other times because there are circulation problems, perhaps, which make our extremities, including the nose, less perfused. However, few know that there is also a syndrome that causes a cold nose.

Cold nose: causes

Is called Raynaud's syndrome, or Raynaud's phenomenon, and few know it because it is indeed a rare disease. It affects the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body and causes episodic narrowing of blood vessels.

What does it have to do with a cold nose? It centers that among the symptoms of this phenomenon there is the whitish or bluish skin, for short periods, and also the nose or other critical areas for circulation, which become cold.

Everything returns to normal when the circulation resumes, but at the time of the "crisis" you can experience strange pulsations, tingling, burning and feeling cold and numb. Not only does it affect the nose, this syndrome and its attacks can be caused by even minimal or very short temperature changes.

Cold nose: remedies

More than of remedies from cold nose remedies are sought to prevent the skin from reddening in this area and from cracking. It often happens in winter and it is good to arm yourself with effective natural remedies. The best are shea butter and suitable essential oils.

The shea butter it has emollient properties and is particularly suitable for avoiding cracking. It can be applied to the cold nose but also to other areas, it creates a protective film that lasts 6-8 hours and protects from the cold and also from the wind.

Among the most effective oils against chapping and redness from a cold nose we have that of rose hip and those of lavender which has a deeply relaxing and rebalancing aroma for the nervous system.

Cold dog nose

Even the dog may have a cold nose but we should not generally take this as an alarming sign. It is normal for a dog's nose to be wet and bright, cold, especially when awake and active, only in sleep can it become hotter and drier.

Cold nose: man

There are recent studies that have shown how a cold nose can facilitate the arrival of winter ailments cooling classics. It was intuitive but now they are proving it with scientific evidence. Cold strokes promote contagion, researchers at Yale University have proven with studies on mice published in the journal PNAS.

This research on mice concerns humans because it tells us that if we have a colder nose than the rest of the body, our immune defenses are lowered so we get sick more easily.

Cold nose and headache

To make the headache go away e at the same time warm up a little, the nose and the rest of the body, there is nothing better than a cup of tea. A refined set with Winter Rose tea, tisaniera-cup in fine porcelain with floral decoration, complete with filter and lid, is what you need for our nose and our winter mood. On Amazon we find it for sale at 26 euros.

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