Crispy fried onions

Crispy fried onions

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Original recipe of thecrispy fried onionslike those of Ikea. How to make them at home and where to buy them. Tips for preparing excellent caramelized onions.

To obtain crispy fried onions worthy of Ikea, you will need to partially dehydrate the onions before cooking. On this page we will see how to do it… without going crazy!

Ikea crispy onions

Unlike the Caramelized onionswhich are good toohomemade, the crunchy onionsthey are more difficult to prepare, especially if you hope for a result comparable to that offried crispy onionsserved byIkeaand McDonald's. The reason? As stated, the onions, before being fried, they undergo a partial dehydration process and this is how they become ultra crunchy.

Crispy fried onions, how to make them at home with the original recipe

They are calledBawang Gorengliterallyfried onionsand are a traditional Southeast Asian dish based onfried onions and shallots.

To prepare this dish it is enough to chooseshallots or dried onions. Thereoriginal recipesees the use of dried Asian red shallots.

If you use fresh onions, you will need to make thempartially dehydratemaking them into thin strips to be left to rest for 2 - 3 hours before cooking, placed on a metal sieve (or a very tight mesh net).

Which is the secret for to make fried onions like Ikea?In addition to the choice of onions, attention must be paid to cutting.

The onions should be cut into strips of the same thickness, otherwise the cooking could be dramatic and returnonionsburnt and slightly crunchy onions! For a homogeneous result, the onions should be cut into thin slices of the same thickness and salt before cooking (the same salt absorbs water).

Furthermore, during frying, you will have to overlap them as little as possible to prevent them from sticking. How long does the browning last? It only takes a few seconds, immersed in non-boiling vegetable oil (generally peanut oil is used). As soon as they are golden brown, you must immediately drain them on absorbent paper and let them cool.

Once prepared, just let them cool to use them like thecrunchy onionsfrom Ikea! How long they last? Once cooled, you can place them in a sealed container and store them in a cool place for up to three to four weeks.

If you use fresh onions or in any case very rich in liquids, the result will not be comparable to that ofIkea crispy onions or, better defined,Bawang goreng and the onions must be consumed immediately and cannot be preserved. It is the liquid component that eliminates storage times and makes the product more perishable.

Crispy fried onions, where to buy them

Where to buy crunchy onions? In the most well-stocked supermarkets, in the Food department of Ikea itself or by taking advantage of online sales; on Amazon, for example, there are many products all more or less valid. For all information on prices and products, I invite you to visit"This Amazon page".

Caramelized onions, how they are made

TheCaramelized onionsthey are "easier" to obtain. How to do them? Peel 10 small doreta onions and cut them in half lengthwise.

Heat 3 tablespoons of peanut oil in a large non-stick pan and arrange the onions in a single layer. If your non-stick pan can't hold all 10 onions, use less oil! The onions will be placed with the cut side down.

Add some salt and brown them over high heat for 4 minutes. Add 2 dl of water, cover the pan and simmer for 20 - 25 minutes. If necessary, add more water and, before finishing cooking, add mustard syrup (or simple syrup obtained by heating water with the addition of sugar). Brush the caramelized onions with more syrup and finish cooking over high heat.

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