Birds that don't fly

Birds that don't fly

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Birds that don't fly, if we did not have some in front of our eyes, like the rooster and the penguin, we might think that it is a mockery, used to think that all birds are like eagles, swans, parrots, sparrows, nightingales, gulls, cormorants and pigeons.

Close and far from us, in Australia as well as in South America, but also in our countryside, there are really some species of birds that for various reasons, often due to the size they reach, they do not hover in the air.

Birds that don't fly from the yard

In the courtyard, on farms, for example, we face at least two birds that do not fly. You speak of the turkey and the rooster. They are birds all right but they have better things to do than fly, we all know them well, so better go and discover others most mysterious birds.

Australian non-flying birds

Australia gives us at least 2 birds that do not fly, one more interesting than the other. The Cassowary it is very similar to the ostrich but lives not only in Australia but also on the Moluccas and in New Guinea, it has small wings but prefers to swim, that's why it feeds mainly on fish.

Its appearance is particular, also due to the presence of a sort of helmet on top of the head, also has curious caruncles, colored red and blue, near the neck and the scaly legs have one spur. This is a real weapon to defend against predators, even males use it for protect the eggs, they are the ones in charge of defending them and also of hatching them in hidden nests in the undergrowth of the forests.

Also in Australia we find theEmu, (Dromaius novaehollandiae), relative of cassowaries, large in size, so large that it is easy to guess that it may not be able to rise from the ground. Even 2 meters tall, weighs about 50 kg and can run even at 50 Km / h.

Birds that don't fly but have wings

The ostrich it is one of the best known non-flying birds and is the largest living feather on Earth. It comes to weigh 150 Kg, to measure 2 and a half meters high and a run at 80 Km / h. We find it above all in the sub-Saharan area, in Africa, we also know it because of its habit of put your head in the sand.

"Don't be an ostrich", it is often said, but without actually knowing that this animal lowers its head, does not put it under the ground, and it does to blend in with the environment and go unnoticed by predators.

Birds that do not fly: names

Among the lesser known names of birds that do not fly is that of the Kakapo. It has the appearance of an owl, for some, of a parrot, for others, and it cannot fly because its wings are really too short but it manages to jump from one branch to another.

In the savannahs between Uruguay and Brazil we find the Nandu, the ostrich typical of these areas and of the Argentine pampas, greedy for vegetables, maximum one and a half meters high and with small wings unsuitable to soar in the sky.

Its scientific name is Apteryx but it is known to all as Kiwi, is a bird that does not fly and is the symbol of New Zealand. Unlike many birds that do not fly, it does not weigh much, about 5 kg, and measures 35 to 65 centimeters in length - It is very good at swimming, its wings are so small that you risk not seeing them, hidden as they are under the feathers.

Birds that do not fly: list

There are not very many birds that do not fly and, if we do not go into the merits of the subspecies, we have listed the most important here. Only the penguins to which we dedicate the last paragraph.

However, here is a list:

  • Turkey
  • Cock
  • Emu
  • Ostrich
  • Kakapo
  • Nandu
  • Kiwi
  • Penguin

Birds that do not fly: pictures

Children like them as much as many adults, they convey sympathy and almost regret thinking that they cannot fly. THE penguins don't even have wings, they are not gone but they are treformed into fins and these birds don't seem very sorry for this transformation.

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