Muriatic acid: what is it for

Muriatic acid: what is it for

Muriatic acid, the common name that has been associated with the chemical compound in the industry called hydrochloric acid, a yellow-colored liquid sold in all home improvement stores. It is for cleaning, to create good conditions of hygiene but not without damaging our skin and our body if we do not handle it with the necessary prudence.

Muriatic acid: what is it for

When we resort tomuriatic acid, usually it is because you are struggling with cleaning difficult surfaces or with difficult stains. There are times, for example, at home as elsewhere, we find ourselves having to remove traces of cement or grout, the classic “stains” of when the floors or tiles were laid.

Excellent results are obtained with muriatic acid, there are many people who use it even for "less severe" cases such as cleaning sinks, toilet and bathtubs, being an excellent descaler.

Muriatic acid on the skin

It is no coincidence that this compound is always, or often, packed in plastic bottles and that we advise each other to handle it with great care. The high corrosive power, which is so useful when it comes to cleaning, is so dangerous when it can act against our health.

We are not dealing with pure poisonHowever, it is necessary to be cautious and wear closed shoes do not leave parts of the body uncovered, putting one long-sleeved shirt and pants that completely cover the legs to prevent splashes from reaching the skin.

The face must also be protected, with glasses, and hands, with rubber gloves. Muriatic acid is an aggressive product, if not strictly necessary, it can be replaced with some other detergent less dangerous for our skin.

Muriatic acid: pipes

For pipes this substance is often saving and, with the appropriate precautions, it is possible to use it and is sometimes one of the few solutions. Up Amazon it's easy to get one "Tank" from 5 liters to 34 euros, to remove post-laying encrustations and construction site dirt, as well as to clean pipes.

If you make the reserve, to keep in a very protected place and away from children and animals, it is always an excellent help to remove limescale from floors, walls and bathroom fixtures and to thoroughly clean outdoor floors.

Muriatic acid: sink

Sanitary ware, primarily the sink, can be cleaned with various types of detergents, lMuriatic acid used once in a while, not too frequently, can help restore the desired hygiene conditions, gaskets included.

Muriatic acid: uses

We have now explored almost all uses, at least domestic, ofmuriatic acid. It has been taken for granted that when it is used for cleaning the house, it must always be diluted with water, usually with one part of acid added to ten parts of water, avoiding mixing other acid substances. No cocktail therefore with bleach or ammonia, in addition tomuriatic acid because a toxic chemical reaction could take place for you and the animals in the house.

Muriatic acid: formula

The chemical formula is HCl, themuriatic acid has a molar mass of 36.46094 g / mol and is classified as mineral acid.

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