How to get rid of tartar from teeth

How to get rid of tartar from teeth

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How to get rid of tartar from teeth: tips for theremoval of tartarand how to get rid of subgingival tartar. Advice from the dentist.

If you are wonderinghow to softenorhow to dissolve the tartar of the teeth, know that there are no "tricks "to make the tartar "softer" and easier forremoval. Tartar is a solid sedimentation and when it is heavily stratified, it is necessaryremovalmechanics through a thorough cleaning of the teeth. For layers of light or medium intensity, for theremoval of tartaryou can continue with thedo-it-yourself, let's see how.

How to remove tartar: it is possible to do it completely naturally thanks to some ingredients easily available at home. Tartar is deposited on the teeth, especially near the gums, and once it has hardened, we should resort to the intervention of the dentist to remove it.

Dentist or not, tartar must be absolutely eliminated if you want to avoid gingivitis which, in the long run, could even lead to their weakening. This would jeopardize the stability of the teeth!

If the gums are prone to inflammation, they can also shrink, and this can lead to teeth falling out, even if they are perfectly healthy.

How to remove tartar: nutrition helps

Plaque accumulates especially near the gums of the lower incisors and its formation seems to be linked to the type of diet: if this is excessively acidifying, rich in refined foods, sugars, harmful fats, the formation of tartar is practically inevitable. The first rule, therefore, to avoid the formation of tartar is to change the diet.

Limit sugary foods or acidic foods (coke, orange soda ...), or, after taking them, brush your teeth.

Poor oral hygiene can promote plaque formation, as well as smoking and too much coffee, but we can limit it by eating an adequate amount of raw fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy ones such as lettuce.
Replace sugar with another sweetener, such as Stevia, which in addition to being good for the teeth, also greatly reduces the number of calories consumed during the day

How to brush your teeth to avoid tartar build-up

In addition to a careful diet, it is good to take care of your teeth with careful oral hygiene. In the morning and in the evening before going to bed, brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal, preferably with an electric toothbrush.

There are electric toothbrushes with rotating or oscillating movements of the bristles such as thePhilips Sonicare. Regardless of the model you use, make sure you reach all dental surfaces and also the insertion point of the teeth in the gingival arches. The teeth should not only be brushed from the front but also from the back. Brush your teeth very vigorously. Use mouthwash regularly.

How to get rid of tartar from teeth: dental floss and dental probe

As stated, there is no way todissolve tartar from the teeth or for soften dental plaque, the only way toremovalof thetartarinvolves a mechanical action. By cleaning the teeth, the dentist performs a careful operation using special tools. At home we cannot count on professional equipment but we can count on an excellent ally:floss.

Thedental flosscan heremove deposits of tartarof mild or moderate intensity. Excessive layering will not be scratched by dental floss but, if you want, you can try and above all combine its use with a dental probe.

The dental probe is a professional tool that must be used very carefully. It is useful forscrape off dental plaquebut we must repeat that for a complete cleaning it is important to contact the dentist.

Where to buy the dental probe?

On the web or at shops specializing in dental technology supplies. On Amazon, an excellent double-toothed dental probe, in stainless steel, can be bought at a price of 7.95 euros (free shipping). For all the info, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

Which dental floss to choose?

There is no "best dental floss ", the choice of dental floss can be dictated by simple personal tastes. The only concern is to choose a waxed dental tape, easier to manage even for those who have a very small space between one tooth and the other and have to work a little to be able to accompany the floss between the dental interstices.

Wanting to do something pleasant, I refer you to the official Amazon page for a product of excellent quality. It is a Remove plaque.

It is a valid alternative to classic dental floss. It is easier to use, softer and useful for removing subgingival plaque / tartar formations. A pack of 30 forks to remove the plaque can be found on Amazon at a price of 7.80 euros and free shipping. For every information:Pikdent Zero.

Dental floss should be used only once a day, preferably at the end of the day, many hours away from meals. From experience I tell you that the dental floss, on the surface, may seem too much double, don't be fooled: you just need to stretch it well to change your mind!

How to get rid of tartar with natural remedies

THE grandmother's remediesthey are not highly recommended. Just for information we propose some of theremediespopular for theplaque removal. They are not used to soften plaque, however, popular beliefs see them used for oral hygiene care.

Sunflower oil

We can do some rinses with sunflower oil in order to clean all the teeth, as well as get rid of toxins present in the oral cavity.

Sesame oil

As an alternative to sunflower oil, we can use sesame oil; it is effective in the same way as long as it is the first pressing.

Activated carbon

Another effective remedy consists in the use of activated carbon, it is easily available everywhere. It is ideal for whitening teeth and preventing plaque formation. To use, just brush your teeth with activated carbon for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Make sure that the product is of plant origin, just check the label.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is also a valid help against tartar, but it must be used occasionally. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly as being abrasive can damage your tooth enamel.

Hydrogen peroxide (also used by dentists)

It is an excellent and very powerful whitener, but should only be used a couple of times a month. For use, just add 3 drops to the toothbrush.

As I have already mentioned, the last two remedies should be used occasionally, only in this way you can have a beautiful set of teeth without unpleasant surprises.

If, despite the attention and natural treatments listed above, tartar forms, you will have to contact your dentist without delay to remove that hateful patina that causes so much harm to the gums and teeth.

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