Pregnancy symptoms, what are they

Pregnancy symptoms, what are they

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Let's talk about pregnancy symptoms, by those who act as a "warning" in the first weeks of conception ai symptoms of pregnancy perceptible over the nine months.

After a couple of weeks from conception, the future mother's body begins to change because the hormones prepare the body for the nutrition of the embryo first and then the fetus. As the pregnant woman's body adapts to the new form of life that grows within it, the classics are presented pregnancy symptoms.

THE symptoms of pregnancy they can vary from woman to woman, but most are common to all. Often, thanks to these symptoms it is possible to discover that you are pregnant. Which are the ones that are found most? Here are the main ones.

Pregnancy symptoms: implantation losses and amenorrhea

THE early symptoms of pregnancy provide for amenorrhea or the absence of menstruation. For a woman who has a regular period, this is one of the first signs that she takes a pregnancy test. Yet, despite conception it is possible, not to suffer from amenorrhea during the first weeks and to have implantation losses. These are small blood legacies, which involve dark or bright red stains. The losses are a consequence of the implantation of the embryo inside the uterus.

Symptoms of pregnancy, nausea from pregnancy

One of the pregnancy symptoms more frequent is nausea that can occur both in the morning and during the day. Nausea appears mainly during the morning hours, when the woman is fasting. Nausea is due to the action of the pregnancy hormone HCG, which is produced by the woman's body after the uterus has been fertilized. There are many women who realize that they are pregnant precisely from the continuous morning sickness.

If you suffer from nausea, it is recommended that you eat a rusk or a biscuit in the morning. In more serious cases it is possible that nausea is also accompanied by loss of appetite and intense vomiting. While in the first case it is not necessary to take drugs, in the second it is always recommended to rely on the doctor and a possible pharmacological remedy. In any case, the nausea disappears later the first trimester of pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy, fatigue and sleepiness

Fatigue and exhaustion are typical symptoms of two stages of pregnancy. During the first trimester, sleepiness subsides, given the greater effort required of the mother's body to be able to donate oxygen and nourish the fetus. Furthermore, this fatigue could also occur due to the initial insomnia. The second phase, in which you feel more tired is that of the third trimester, in this period the tiredness and fatigue are due to the weight gain of the uterus.

Symptoms of pregnancy: turgid and tight breasts

Estrogen and progesterone are among the major contributors to the changes in the expectant mother's body. During the first few weeks, however, the breasts tend to be hard and turgid, in addition there is also a certain swelling similar to that which occurs during the ovulation period. After the first few weeks of pregnancy, the breasts must prepare for breastfeeding, so they become heavier and more voluminous, while the nipples tend to be darker. These changes usually occur throughout the nine months.

Frequent urination in pregnancy: urge to urinate

Pollakiuria is an increase in the urge to urinate. This phenomenon can occur from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. Frequent urination is due to the pressure that the fertilized uterus exerts on the bladder. In the first few weeks, however, the urge to urinate is due to the action of progesterone which limits the ability to be able to hold back pee.

Unstable mood

One of the pregnancy symptoms more subjective and which may or may not occur from woman to woman is the unstable and dancing mood. Mood changes occur mainly due to hormones. Hormonal changes greatly affect a woman's state of mind. In other cases, moods and moods can change suddenly even a cause of the stress that initially involves a new one pregnancy.

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