Essential anti-cellulite oils

Essential anti-cellulite oils

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Essential anti-cellulite oils: how to exploit the properties ofessential oils to create anti-cellulite ointments. How to eliminate cellulite with essential oils.

Let's face it right away! Theessential oilsthey cannot be used pure on the skin. To take advantage of the anti-cellulite properties of essential oils you need a carrier oil. Why? Why theessential oilsthey are rich in active ingredients and extremely concentrated. Pure use on the skin would irritate the skin. The carrier oil not only makes it possible to apply essential oils, but it can also help their effect and help penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. One or more essential oils must be added to a carrier oil with concentrations reaching a maximum of 3%.

Do-it-yourself anti-cellulite oil

To make a DIY anti-cellulite ointment, we mainly recommend two carrier oils. Primarily almond oil, an evergreen suitable for all skin types that improves the absorption of the active ingredients of the essential oil and moisturizes the skin. For all the info on where to buy it and the properties, we refer you to the pagesweet almond oil.

The second useful oil for the cause is wheat germ oil. It is rich in vitamins E, B and A and supports the anti-cellulite action by stimulating blood circulation. Also in this case, for all the info we refer you to the detailed sheet:Wheat germ oil. It is less suitable for those with oily skin but perfect for those with very dry or even flaking skin.

The preparation ofDIY anti-cellulite oilit is simple, just dilute a few drops of essential oil in the carrier oil, taking care never to exceed the percentage of 3%.

For example, for every 20ml of carrier oil use less than 6ml of essential oil. For some “stronger” essential oils we recommend lower dilutions.

Essential anti-cellulite oils

L'DIY anti-cellulite oilit is simple to prepare and should be used by performing massages with a draining effect.

Theanti-cellulite essential oilsthey are those that have tonic, stimulating, rubefacient and draining properties.

To get a very goodDIY anti-cellulite oil, you can add a few drops of ginger essential oil to a tablespoon of virgin wheat germ oil. Ginger essential oil is defined as excellent remedy to eliminate the cellulitebecause it exerts a rubefacient action, that is, it draws the blood into the most superficial layers of the tissues. We recommend a dilution not exceeding 1.5%.

Another excellent one remedy anti-cellulite it is prepared with essential oil of Pino Silvestre. This essential oil has strong toning properties, a 1% dilution is recommended.

Carrot essential oil has strong draining properties so much so that it is recommended in the preparation of anti-cellulite massage ointments: it helps the lymphatic system to drain away toxins and, at the same time, stimulates circulation.

The essential oil of black pepper is excellent for eliminating cellulite (it has strong stimulating properties, useful for reactivating local circulation). Here, too, the 1.5% dilution should not be exceeded.

Due to its draining and toning properties, fenugreek essential oil can also be used for anti-cellulite ointments and massages to firm the skin.

Tarragon essential oil is also good for its toning properties. In cosmetics it can be used for the preparation of toning ointments to be massaged into the skin. For the preparation of a good anti-cellulite, a 1% dilution is recommended.

Rosemary essential oil and lemon essence are also useful for eliminating cellulite.

Do-it-yourself anti-cellulite muds

In addition to theDIY anti-cellulite oilsyou may also be interested in compresses based on clay or natural mud, for all the information we refer to the pagedo-it-yourself anti-cellulite muds. The recipes combine the action of essential oils with that of the mineral pigments of clay and mud.

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