Protect the garden from hail

Protect the garden from hail

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How to protect the garden from hail: instructions to guaranteeprotectionto fruit trees and the garden from hail and birds. Anti-hail nets, anti-bird nets and remedies to be implemented to cure the damage that hail causes to plants.

How to protect plants and gardens from hail

Thereprotection of the vegetable garden and fruit plants from haildoes not leave many alternatives, the solution seems to be unique and involves the use ofanti hail nets. The anti-hail nets they are easy to install and can be reused for years and years: when they are disassembled it will be sufficient to clean and roll them ... there are also those who avoid disassembling them because they can be usedanti-bird netsable to protect fruit plants not only from hail but also from birds.

How to install anti-hail nets

Forprotect the garden from hailyou will need to install special ones anti-hail nets. These can be fixed to the pre-existing structures of the greenhouses or arranged on special structures. The support structures must be very solid because in the event of violent hailstorms and strong winds they must not only be able to protect the garden from hail but also not to break down causing further damage to crops and the entire garden.

The anti-hail nets must be well fixed, stretched from all sides, an approximate assembly could cause more damage than expected, in addition, a anti-hail net put in place with care will last longer. During installation, be careful not to form pockets (i.e. folds with the typical U or V shape). The sacs are the weak point of theanti-hail neteven that of the best quality like the much advertised tenax networks.

At the time of purchase, choose the mesh of the most appropriate size: good quality meshes are thickened on the sides, this perimeter reinforcement allows easier assembly. To fix theanti-hail netsto the structures, the manufacturers provide clips (clips and plates) to anchor the net.

Transparent anti-hail net

There are no anti-bird nets or completely transparent anti-hail nets even if there are some products on the market that let the sun's rays pass more.

In any case, it should be noted that the shading that the anti-hail net causes on crops does not cause damage, indeed, in very sunny locations it could even be advantageous, both for fruit plants and for garden plants, for example for some varieties of peppers that fear intense light!

Those who want to limit shading to a minimum can choose somewhite anti-hail nets(improperly calledtransparent nets). On the market, in fact, black or white nets are available, even if in some regions, for landscape reasons, they are prohibited ... cultivation what do you want protect from hail is located in an area with landscape constraints, beforeinstall an anti-hail net or an anti-bird net, you should contact the technical office of your municipal administration.

Anti-bird nets and anti-hail nets: they are the same thing, change the installation or the mesh

If the anti-hail nets are closed at every point, they can also represent useful protection for protect the orchard or the bird garden. Once the period ofhail, networks can be decommissioned or left for protect plants from birds.

The anti-hail nets and anti-bird nets they are the same thing?
As stated, the installation changes: if you want to protect the vegetable garden or orchard from birds, you will have to close the nets on the sides as well.

The anti-hail nets can be used as anti-bird nets. On the contrary, one anti-bird net it cannot be used as anti-hail because it is made withlooser meshes, while the meshes of the anti-hail nets are narrower. It is for this reason that generally an anti-bird net is much cheaper than an anti-hail net which instead sees higher purchase prices.

Anti-hail nets, price and where to buy them

Where do you buy anti-hail nets? The anti-hail nets as well as the anti-bird nets can be bought in specialized shops, garden centers or agricultural consortia. Those who prefer can take advantage of online trading.

The price? It varies a lot according to the product and especially the seller. On Amazon, for example, an excellent oneanti-hail netwith dimensions of 6 x 10 meters, with long-lasting reinforcements, it can be bought at a price of 32.96 euros with free shipping costs. For all information on the anti-hail net mentioned, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

Plants damaged by hail

If you haven't installed anyanti-hail netsand a strong hail has already damaged your crop, to facilitate the healing of wounds and prevent the onset of fungal and bacterial diseases, it is recommended to perform a treatment with copper-based products. Before using any product, carefully read the instructions provided on the label.

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