Colloidal silver: properties, use and prices

Colloidal silver: properties, use and prices

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L'Colloidal Silver is a mixture of silver particles suspended in a pure solution used in the medical field since the beginning of the twentieth century for its bactericidal properties.

Colloidal silver: properties

L'Colloidal Silver acts as a catalyst capable of disabling the enzyme necessary for the survival of bacteria, fungi and viruses, thus causing suffocation.

The silver ion (Ag +) is bioactive and through a sufficient concentration it quickly kills bacteria in vitro.

Colloidal silver: use

Silver nanoparticles are used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare and domestic applications. In the medical field, silver is added in gauze, creams and as an antibiotic coating on various medical devices.

Colloidal silver for external use

Silver has excellent antibacterial efficacy for external use, for example by spraying directly on the affected part or on a medical device whose bactericidal effects are to be enhanced (for example, patches).

Among the colloidal silver products that can be purchased online safely and with an excellent quality / price ratio I point out those of Santé Naturels that can be purchased on the official website

The products of Santé Naturels have the concentration judged optimal colloidal silver between 10 and 20 ppm. The individual particles measure only 0.6213 nanometers, the smallest size ever produced in the world.

For theColloidal Silver in fact the smaller the particle size, the better the product quality will be.

Colloidal silver: what is it for

L'Colloidal Silver it can be used in many situations where antibacterial action is required, such as:

  • to facilitate the healing of wounds and burns, by virtue of its disinfectant properties and the ability to promote cell regeneration
  • to mitigate the intensity of skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis or erythema
  • to fight warts
  • to heal nail fungus
  • to soothe the discomfort caused by a sore throat

Colloidal silver: expiration

The product, if stored correctly, can be used for over 3 years.

As with any product on sale in Italy, the expiry date of each bottle of colloidal silver is indicated on the same as well as on the packaging.

Colloidal silver for internal use

In various states of the world, including the United States, colloidal silver is used and marketed with indications for internal use also as a food supplement. In Italy, however, it is not included in the list of products allowed for internal use by a European regulation of 2009 and cannot therefore be considered a supplement or even a drug.

Colloidal silver: contraindications

Quality colloidal silver, like the one I have reported, produced by Santé Naturels was judged non-toxic based on analysis by the Federico II Institute of Naples.

For external use of colloidal silver there are no contraindications and it can be used on the skin without any fear.

Colloidal silver: prices

The price of colloidal silver it can vary considerably due to the quality of the product and, obviously, the capacity of the bottles.

On the site of Sante Naturels you can buy a bottle of Colloidal Silver spray 20 ppm, 100 ml for only 24 euros, a great price to test the effectiveness of the product. If you are satisfied you can then buy larger bottles with even cheaper prices.

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