How to dress for a summer wedding

How to dress for a summer wedding

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How to dress for a summer wedding:tips for choosing the outfit (man and woman) for a summer ceremony in different locations (traditional, on the beach, in the countryside ...). Prescriptions of theetiquetteand things to consider when choosing the dress forguest perfect.

Your friend is getting married right around this time and you, you're wondering what to wear to the wedding. Indeed June, July and August are the most popular months for ceremonies, but also the hottest ones therefore almost act as a repellent for the classic dress man, while there is much more choice for the woman!

On this page I will give you some advice onwhat to wear to a weddingfollowing the rules ofetiquetteand above all without departing from the context: it is true that it is a summer wedding but there is a big difference based on the location.

How to dress for a summer wedding

If you don't knowwhat to wear at a summer wedding, let's start with whatyou can not wear!Yes, because for the etiquette, when you go to a ceremony it is always essential to maintain a certain decor, so you will have to avoid eccentric clothes or accessories.

In particular, etiquette suggests some colors that cannot be worn at a wedding:

  • Total white
  • Total black
  • Grey
  • Pearl
  • Violet
  • Ivory

Whether it is awedding in July, whether it is abeach wedding, clothes with these predominantly colors should be discarded, for both men and women.

Always talking about the color of the dress, while for winter we recommend brighter colors, for onewedding in June, July or August, better to leave room for more subdued shades: green light for pastel colors.

How to dress for a beach or country wedding

As I told you, there is a big difference based on the location. If the wedding takes place on the beach or in a typically summer or country estate, both men and women can also dare with fabrics: green light for natural fabrics such as hemp, linen, cotton and jute.

Linen and cotton can be the top for a beach wedding, jute and hemp can be the common thread of excellence for a wedding in the countryside.

If the wedding is on the beach, you can plan a change of shoes or, if the ceremony lasts the whole day, you can foresee a small variation for the evening.

The natural fabrics recall the location so that you feel in the right place, at the right time! When the wedding is outdoors, in countryside, green light without reservations even for plots such as damier or pied poule. For weddings in traditional locations, fabrics with continuous patterns can be used more lightly in winter, for a summer wedding, it all depends on the fabric.

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How to dress for a summer wedding

What has been written up to now is valid both formanthan for thewoman. Whether you are thewedding witness, the friend of the groom or a relative of the bride, does not change anything, the style must always be in topic with the ceremony: if the spouses have decided on adress code, follow him!

In recent times, even in Italy, the fashion to choose atheme for wedding, even if the brides didn't give an explicit dress code, you can choosehow to dress for a weddingbased on the chosen theme. The last wedding I went to, the bride had chosen howmoodthe orchid of the ceremony. I do not hide the fact that I chose, for that occasion, a dress with a floral motif.

Other universal tips, which can guide you in choosing theperfect dress for a summer weddingit's about your bearing. Posture and clothing are closely related, therefore, to choose: take a tour of the shops in your city and try different onessummer wedding outfit, discard the "colors forbidden by etiquette", discard too heavy fabrics and feel which suit makes you feel better.

The purpose is todress well at the summer wedding however, if there is one thing worse than a wrong choice of dress it is ... an unheard choice and to see, halfway ceremony, women taking off their shoes under the table and men loosening their tie or unbuttoning their pants! Terrifying style falls. From the beginning, choose something that you can keep for the entire duration of the ceremony.

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