Spearfishing: how to get started

Spearfishing: how to get started

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Spearfishing: how to get started,tips for starting spearfishing. From the legislation to the secrets to make the most of diving time.

There spearfishing it is a very complex discipline. Before diving you should know the risks associated with pressure variations, you should know the best breathing techniques for freediving, decompression techniques, the regulations in force in your area and much more to allow yourself aunderwater fishingin full safety. In a single article we do not have the presumption to educate you on all this. That's why we start with a preliminary tip: try taking a freediving course, in this way you will not only improve your time spent underwater but you will also be trained on how to manage any problems related to diving. We also recommend reading the article "how to freedive".

Spearfishing equipment

In the articlehow to do underwater fishingI have already told you about the wetsuit and the selection criteria you should adopt (thickness, smooth, lined ...). It is essential to choose the right size wetsuit, a too tight wetsuit would hinder blood circulation while a too large wetsuit would hinder downhill and ascent and would cause you problems both for weight management and for finding the right trim. water. Also in the article mentioned, I explained to you how to wear a wetsuit, a wetsuit of the right size can feel "tight" when worn dry, so you will need to follow some advice to get it on without problems.

When it comes tostart spearfishingmany doubts fall onchoice of a good spearfishing speargun. To start, choose an inexpensive rifle, a 75 cm rubber band rifle, not carbon because at this size it has difficulty flexing. Classic shotguns are not only cheap but they work well and are perfect for getting started. Another very underrated shotgun is the pressure gun: a 40 cm pressure gun can be bought for around 40 euros and can be useful for burrow fishing.

Spearfishing: how to get started

The best way tostart spearfishingis always to work alongside an expert. If you don't have any friends or relatives who already practice underwater fishing, forto start, you can check if there are fishing associations or ad hoc courses in your area. Freediving instructors are also generally excellent fishermen with many years of experience on their shoulders. Of course, in addition to the theoretical training I am able to give you all the tools forstart spearfishing.

Forstart spearfishing, go to the port authority of your area and ask if there are specific regulations.

For security:the spearfisher must signal his position with the red flag with a white diagonal and must keep within a radius of 50 meters from the signal.

  1. Know any local regulations
  2. Practice freediving and join an expert
  3. Buy essential equipment for start spearfishing
  4. Get experience
  5. Start gradually by trying to improve your times in the bargain
  6. Make slow movements to make the most of your oxygen autonomy

Never stop forming yourself and more at the beginning! Among the recommended readings, in addition to the two articles mentioned above, we recommend purchasing a practical / technical manual. Among the many, the "Spearfishing Manual" is very complete. You can buy it on Amazon at a price of € 16.91 with free shipping.

For all the info and to read the introduction, please refer to the Amazon page: Spearfishing Manual.

How to start underwater fishing: legislation

If you have never spearfished yet, it is possible that you are completely fasting aroundregulations on underwater fishing.For example, do you know that to collect mussels (mussels) you need to have an authorization issued by the Head of the Maritime Department? In any case, the maximum limit of mussels you can collect is 3 kg. Not only, in general, forpractice underwater fishingon a regular basis, you should notify the Maritime Authority. You can do this both through the sector associations in your area, and through the website of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (General Directorate of Sea Fishing and Aquaculture). The communication must be renewed every three years.

The permit for sea fishing is free and can also be issued by the Harbor Master's Office (Fishing Office of the Coast Guard). Upon delivery of the communication form you will be issued with a confirmation certificate.

In case of control, that certificate must be presented. What happens if you don't make this report? The Coast Guard points out that:

"Whoever has not made the communication, if subject to controls, must carry out the required formalities within ten days in order not to incur penalties."

Communication is free and can also be done through the internet using the website of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies at "this address".

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