Cellular aging: how to fight it

Cellular aging: how to fight it

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Without wanting to fight the passage of time, Don Quixote style and the windmills, we can instead oppose thepremature cellular aging making sure that our body bears the normal signs of age but not a wrinkle more than it should, All this without stress and without depriving ourselves of the pleasures of life because there is nothing worse than aging with a feeling of continuous sacrifice that would do that make us frustrated or resentful.

Now let's see some tricks to combat cellular aging or to prevent it, always within the context of natural remedies, in this case it is more than fitting to say that these are the classic grandmother remedies. A youthful grandmother.

Cellular aging: hydration

Hydration is important at all ages, not just atapproaching the third age, and it is for this reason that drinking a lot must be a habit for everyone, right from the start, even as children. It is also true that as we age we tend to drink less, which is why it is all the more necessary to be alert from this point of view. When we don't hydrate ourselves enough, our skin suffers and it shows immediately: it starts lose vitality, elasticity and tend to become dry.

In these situations, if the appearance of wrinkles they are particularly visible and I am not referring only to wrinkles on the face but to those all over the body.

The signs of aging on a dehydrated body are seen much more, not to mention that a lack of water in the body also leads to health problems. If you want to fight then thecellular aging it is good to make a point of drinking a lot, two liters of water a day, starting in the morning, when a large glass of water helps us start the day already well, with a smile with fewer wrinkles as possible except those that show our happiness daily.

Cellular aging: healthy eating

Eating healthy is certainly an excellent way to delay as much as possibleaging in a natural way. To increase the effect, as well as eating healthy, it is advisable to eat in a variety of ways. Over the years, people often give in to the habit, in fact, tending to feed themselves always of the same foods not so much because you are picky but because of mental laziness. Let's not give up and continue to experiment, giving preference to foods rich in substances that, as it happens, fight thepremature cellular aging.

Translated it means not only eggs, meat, white bread and dairy products but also vegetables and cereals, foods rich in antioxidants. Let's not forget about fill up on calcium for a healthy and youthful skin but also for a better general state of health. To avoid, in our healthy and varied diet, ready-made, synthetic and super refined foods.

Cellular aging: good rest

Without becoming patented lazy people but we learn to reserve the right moments of rest to regain strength and let the skin rest too. When the skin forms, and the rest of the body, it regenerates, but it is essential to sleep well. To do so, here are some tips in the dedicated article: how to sleep well.

Cellular aging: physical activity

It is not in contrast with what has just been said, on the contrary, sleeping well also serves to be lively during the day and to be able to devote to some physical activity which is very useful to counteractcellular aging. Physical activity promotes the proper functioning of our lymphatic system which defends and cleanses our body, moreover, and is a very important action if you think about how much pollution we absorb during daily life especially if we live or work in a big city.

A little motion, regular, constant and without jerks improves the functioning of the heart, blood circulation and our breathing. In some cases, if needed, it helps to lose weight, in general it keeps it under control so as not to become an overweight elderly person, a condition that is more difficult to manage from many points of view.

Let's not forget to specify how doing physical activity also has excellent feedback on mood: by producing more endorphin you get a feeling of well-being and depression is also kept at bay. It is proven, and you can experience it yourself, that physically active people develop a positive mood and are more radiant than others, in the face and inside. It is the best way to age slowly and well.

Cellular Aging: Meditation

It takes 15 minutes of meditation every day for block premature cell agingand: what do you think? Is it worth it? At least to try yes, I would say, because meditation can also help us to better live all the physical and psychological changes that we face with the passing of the years. There meditation, without necessarily taking courses but also do it yourself, it is an excellent practice to reduce stress, relax and reduce free radicals which are the enemies of those who want to age well.

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