How to lay the lawn in rolls

How to lay the lawn in rolls

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How to lay the lawn in rolls: instructions onlaying the lawn in rolls. Best period, soil preparation and advice for a state of the art installation.

Are you considering alternatives to the classic lawn and have you noticed the possibility of installing a ready-to-use turf? Not just "lawn". When we talk about “rolling lawn”, in reality, you have the possibility to choose between different herbaceous species, all of which are ground cover.

Besides the classic lawn, on the market there are rolls of other evergreen herbaceous plants such as pachisandra, convallaria (excellent for shady areas), vinca (requires little care), lippia (resistant to trampling ...) and many other plants. With this guide dedicated tolaying the lawn in rolls, we will give you useful information to lay any herb placed on rolls. In short, what is true for the rolling lawn is also valid for the other herbaceous plants to be laid in the garden.

When to lay the lawn in rolls: period

Lawn or other ground cover grass can be laid all year round, however there is aperiodmore favorable: autumn! The best results are obtained by performing thelaying the rolls of lawnin autumn or spring. The scorching summer heat and the winter cold are contraindications that should not be underestimated.

Laying of the rolling lawn

Therelaying the rolls of lawnit is an operation to be left in the hands of expert personnel. If a portion of the old rolling lawn has worn or damaged and you want to replace it, then DIY is an excellent solution. If you intend to proceed with thelaying the lawn in rollswe recommend that you take a specific course -sometimes there are free ones offered by Leroy Merlin-or get help from a friend with more experience.

Our guide onhow to lay a rolling lawn, in fact, even if complete, it will not be able to face any specific problems of the soil you want to cover.

For example, is the ground sloping? Again, how thick is the lawn you want to lay? For example, the thickness base, you can perform on the perimeter of your ownrolling lawn, the laying of small bricks, dry-laid tiles, wooden strips, mosaics… or a simple green plastic frame (the one used for flower beds). You can also count on wooden borders or ornamental strips in plastic material as shown in the photo below. Remember to choose them according to the thickness of yoursgrassy roll.

The soil, where the turf in rolls, it must have a homogeneous surface, free of debris and above all it must be “sterile” from a vegetative point of view: weeds must not grow.

If you want to avoid the use of a border to mask the thickness, know that generally the thickness of the rolls is 10 cm, 1/3 consisting of the height of the grass and 2/3 of the height of the soil adhering to the roots. When preparing the soil, keep this factor in mind so as to create a sort of "hollow" or "flower bed" suitable for hostingrolls.

How to lay the lawn in rolls

Please note: for lay the lawn in rollsyou will have to act within 1 - 2 days of purchasing the rolls. If you keep the rolls closed for more than two days you will end up with yellowed grass. Therelaying the lawncan be divided into 5 phases:

  1. Prepare the substrate.
  2. Enrich the substrate.
  3. Level the soil.
  4. Lay the rolls.
  5. Irrigate.

As stated, the most difficult part is the preparation of the soil: the underlying soil must consist of a homogeneous substrate of good quality. Generally we recommend a mixture half of river sand and half of well sieved organic soil. Consult who sold you the lawn rolls to see if our advice can suit that particular oneroll of lawn.

Better to enrich the substrate with granular chemical fertilizer with slow release of phosphorus and nitrogen. In this way you will facilitate the growth of the root systems and the aerial part of yoursroll of lawn. After spreading the substrate it will be necessary to rake it elevel the surface.

You can level the ground with a wooden plank to drag on the ground. Your aim, in this third phase, is to make the bottom perfectly flat.

Soil preparation work must be done with extremely dry soil. So check the weather forecast before you start.

When the soil is ready, you will have nothing left butroll out the rolls. THE turf rollsthey gospread outaccurately, making sure that each roll adheres perfectly to the next one, leaving no gaps. If you leave empty spaces, you will find yourself with weeds ... armed with patience and ready to use all your delicacy to move the rolls several times to make them match each other.

When you have made the rolls adhere well to each other, water the turf abundantly. The water must reach the root system to allow perfect rooting.

Fromlaying the grass rollyou will need to water every day for the first week and every other day for the following week.

And the fertilizer?
No, at least not at this stage. Thanks to the granular fertilizer put in the substrate you will be calm for the first time. You will be able to fertilize 1 - 2 months after laying the lawn rolls. You can then follow the standard lawn fertilization calendar.

How much to cut lawn rolls?
It depends on the type of turf chosen and the installation period. If you are in spring, the classic lawn in rolls it must be cut 3 weeks after installation!

The photos show how the laying of a long surface oflawn in rolls. For other images of the laying the rolls of lawn, I refer you to the Amazon page of the producer: Euroland.

How much is the lawn in rolls?
It depends. The aforementioned manufacturer offers 10 square meters of lawn in rolls at the price of 245 euros with free shipping costs.

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