Black nails: causes and how to cure them

Black nails: causes and how to cure them

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When we pinch our fingers in a door, we can often and willingly come there black nails, temporarily, until the bump or blow are not reabsorbed, but there are times when the nails take a purplish or bluish color without anyone having closed a wardrobe door on their hand or foot. At this point it is worth asking why this happens as this can be a symptom of a serious health problem that should not be overlooked.

The diabetes, for example, it can have this effect, but it could very well also be a simple fungus or a less simple kidney problem.

Here are some indications to recognize the problem and cure it in time by involving ours as well family doctor.

Black nails: symptoms

In the medical field we talk about "subungual hematomaWhen black nails appear which can be a sign of a serious health problem. What does this symptom consist of? What is formed is a hematoma, the black nail effect is the result of the fact that this hematoma is formed precisely between the nail and the nail bed, in the layer immediately below the cuticle. The visible part of the nail, called the nail plate.

It does not have a "fixed" color, we too may have noticed that it can vary from person to person but certainly black is not a color contemplated in situations of normality. There are usually all shades of pink and beige that vary from period to period in the same person and that depend on the vascularity of the bed. If a hematoma forms under the nail, it goes without saying that the foil cannot continue to be pink or beige, but that its color will turn black. It can also happen that diabetes or a fungal infection such as onychomycosis, can change the color of the nail pink to blue or purplish-brown. Another situation that is always found in the nail area is the thickening of the bed which is instead an indication of an occlusive pathology affecting the peripheral circulation.

Black nails: causes

We have mentioned a few, now let's see them better. The black nails they can also be caused by trauma as a result of the continuous pressure that a certain shoe generates on the toes, for example during running. This happens above all to sportsmen, but it can happen to everyone who does shoes that are too tight, if worn all day, they cause a painful trauma, especially to the big toe, resulting in black nails. When the appearance of the black color is generated by a crushing trauma, the black nail will bring localized pain with it.

If we don't find ourselves in this type of cause, i.e. tight shoes or crushing, better investigate to identify the health problem that is at the origin of this problem, together with the doctor who will make a correct diagnosis.

Black nails, in case of diabetes, can be the consequence of poor peripheral circulation, even as a result of kidney disorders can "Blacken" the nails of both hands and toes. There is also the case of nail cancer, especially if black appears on the nails of the hand where a strip of brown or black usually appears right under the nail plate. In this situation, the blackening can be accompanied by the lifting of the lamina.

A bacterial or fungal infection can lead to the appearance of black nails because it causes a lack of oxygen, another pathology that must be taken into consideration even if it is rarer Raynaud's disease. It is a problem that mainly affects young women due to too low temperatures, stress or strong emotions. The blackening is also accompanied by thesoreness of the fingertips, to remedy it it is necessary to massage and heat them.

How to cure black nails

In case of crushing there are several natural remedies to try, if instead the black nails are the symptom of a more serious disease it is good to follow the advice of the doctor who is treating us.

Let's see the natural remedies to use if we crush the fingers of a hand or foot. The ice it is certainly one of the most effective remedies in case of an accident and it is also one of the most used, usually if you take one cube, wrapped in a cloth, and place it on the part that has been crushed.

They work a lot Arnica ointments, applied 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear, or a clove of garlic pressed on gauze, to be applied at least once a day and until the black nail disappears.

Then there are valid remedies even if less immediate such as the hand bath and the foot bath. They are not very quick to prepare but not too complicated. Just pour 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in warm water into a bowl and add a tablespoon of lemon juice. The fingernail or black nails should be soaked for about half an hour. It is necessary to repeat the treatment several times before seeing results.

In general, it may be useful to keep the traumatized limb raised, but before the black nail forms, as soon as the crushing has taken place, to avoid the formation of thesubungual hematoma. If we are sportsmen and want to avoid the formation of black nails, we are careful about the shoes we choose. Beyond aesthetics and softness, they must be suitable for your discipline and perfect in size. If slightly larger they can be annoying and create small ones trauma on the nails.

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