Neko cafe or cat bar

Neko cafe or cat bar

Is known asneko cafécat caféor simplycat bar. It is a place where the main attraction is the company of feline friends!

The father of psychoanalysis S. Freud stated:“Time spent with cats is never wasted time”.Even the Orientals know something about it: the first neko caféin fact it seems to have appeared in Taiwan as early as 1998 (the Cat Flower Garden is known as the first cat barin the world).

In Japan, the first neko café opened its doors in 2004 (Neko no Jikan, on Osaka Island). In Tokyo, in 2005 the Neko no mise was inaugurated and after this, the popularity ofcat barit exploded across the country. Only recently, ineko caféthey spread throughout Europe and Italy.

Neko café: what is it

More than acat bar, theneko coffeeshould be considered a place to relax: you can go to read a book or take one of the pastimes already available on site. As stated, the main attraction are thecats: each structure has in fact at least 5 cats that roam the room. The customer, in addition to sipping his drink, can release all the stress and focus on the feline friends!

According to supporters of theneko café, stroking cats and listening to their purr would have aanxiolytic power. Furthermore, those present in Neko Cafes are cats adopted and taken bycatteries.

What is practiced at theneko caféit is therefore a kind of cat-friendly pet therapy. Cuddling a kitten has many benefits for the psyche.

Just think that some Japanese companies introduce cats to keep in the workplace. Their presence not only helps employees reduce anxiety and stress, it also increases employee productivity.

Neko cafè in Italy

In Turin, the firstneko cafewas opened on April 5, 2014, known as primacat bar in Italy, inspired by the Japanese tradition. Unfortunately, the same bar was closed in 2016 following a theft. It was called MiaGola Café and debuted with six cats. The cats residing in the MiaGola Café were all ex strays adopted by the manager.

In Milan in 2015 acat bar, theCrazy Cat Cafe. Romeow Cat Bistrot cat bar is popular in Rome. They are not missingcat baralso in Southern Italy: in Palermo there is the Nero Miciok cat café!

Neko café in Japan

If in Italy ineko caféare still few, in Japan a real craze has exploded so much that they can be foundneko caféby "category". So feline lovers have a choice neko café where there are former stray cats (even if in Japan the phenomenon of stray dogs is less common) or neko café with purebred cats, neko café with only black cats or cat bars… fat!

Everycat café, in Japan, is required to observe very strict laws: opening a cat café in Japan is very difficult as it is necessary to obtain a special license to comply with local legislation on animal protection. In the Japanese neko cafes, cats can stay in the company of customers only until 10 pm.

THEcat caféJapanese are not only a place to relax but also a place for education: the staff makes customers aware of how animals should be educated and treated. There is no shortage of promotional services on the protection of animals and campaigns for the adoption of any strays.

In the wake of Neko Caffè, other Pet Cafes have sprung up in Japan, the funniest one is a Tokyo bar that sees goats wandering around the halls.

Neko café: advantages and disadvantages

If on the one hand ineko caféthey allow toto mitigatethe phenomenon offeline stray dogsand give a lot of relaxation to customers, there is a good slice of animal rights activists against this movement. The reason? These are not hygienic but ethical issues, linked to the well-being of the feline.

In the United Kingdom, some bodies argue that the Neko Café cats do not have enough space, other environmental groups would like to impose rules to "reduce the working hours of cats". For example, in 2012 in Japan they proposed limiting access to cats by 8 pm ... Proposal rejected because even today cats "finish their work shift", purring and caressing, at 10 pm!

What is certain is that the theme ofneko caféit's still too muchyoungand ad hoc regulations should be introduced on space and number of cats to be accommodated. For now, every customer appeals to the good sense of the restaurant manager!

In the photo above, Kyoto's famous cat bar, Nekokaigi.
In the photo in the middle of the page, the cat café in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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