Richer Italians: men, women and in the world

Richer Italians: men, women and in the world

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Who are the richer Italians and what do they do, how rich are they and how do they position themselves among billionaires around the world? There is much talk of wealth, of rich and poor, of markets and of gaps between parts of the population, some increasingly poor and others increasingly wealthy. Each year, rankings are drawn up and the names of the richest Italians come out as well as the richest in the world.

Looking at the top ten, you shouldn't think that with 10 names you can characterize the slice of the population that owns the most in Italy, which you can do better through other data, but it is curious to give a face to Scrooge of Italy, go to investigate as much as possible in their lives as to be able to steal their secret.

Let's take the names from the ranking drawn up by the note American Forbes magazine since it is the one specialized in rankings like these, it also makes them worldwide and we will also discover interesting data on the Scrooge from overseas. Let's start with those made in Italy, however, and I can already tell you that there is no gender equality. There is only one woman who appears on the list.

Richer Italians: men

In Italy, men are richer and here in the top ten there are 9. The first is Giovanni Ferrero with 23 billion dollars. His name says it all and reminds us of the company he leads after the untimely death of his older brother Pietro. Ferrero means chocolate, but not only, and above all it means a turnover of 10.5 billion euros, recorded in 2017. In second place we find, with 21.2 billion dollars, Leonardo Del Vecchio. The surname doesn't help this time, so I'll help you by associating it with the well-known Luxottica company, the largest in the sector not in Italy but in the world.

On the third step of the podium he climbs Stefano Pessina, with 11.8 billion dollars. He is the father of the Pharmaceutical Alliance and CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, a company that distributes health and wellness products worldwide.

In fourth place there is another well-known name, even to those who do not know about rich and fashionable: Giorgio Armani. In 2018 he was the highest paid designer in the world, has a fortune of 8.9 billion dollars and a huge fame, which suggests that he will remain in the ranking also in 2019.

Maybe you expected to hear his name first, instead we had to wait for the fifth position to speak of Silvio Berlusconi, down but always with a treasure of 8 billion dollars. In sixth place in the ranking is the woman whose name we will reveal in the appropriate paragraph that we dedicate to her, then we move to seventh place for a couple of brothers worth 6.6 billion dollars. I'm Giorgio and Augusto Perfetti, the owners, so to speak, of brands such as Vigorsol, Big Babol, Chupa Chups and Golia. Going down a step we find another couple: Paolo and Gianfelice Rocca with 4.9 billion dollars thanks to their Techint, a world giant in the steel industry.

With 4.3 billion dollars in ninth place he took office Giuseppe De'Longhi of the group of the same name, known to the world for air conditioners but not only. At the bottom of the top ten of the richest Italians is the founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso. He can count on 4.1 billion dollars and on an incredible fame also in the world of football since he owns the Vicenza team as a great fan.

Richer Italians: women

Finally we are going to reveal the woman who managed to slip into an all-male top ten and not in tenth but sixth place. She is Massimiliana Landini Aleotti, a 7.9 billion dollar woman. If the name doesn't tell you anything, I'll tell you that she is the widow of Alberto Aleotti, the architect of the growth of Menarini, a company in the pharmaceutical sector. Other women? Do you have any in mind?

Richest Italians in the world

There are 16 Italians who appear to be richer than the president of the United States Donald J. Trump. Would you ever have said that? This is what always emerges from one of the many interesting rankings drawn up by Forbes and it is recent news, which refers to 2018. This data gives us the opportunity to evaluate the positioning of the rich Italians compared to those of the rest of the world. Among the billionaires identified by the magazine, growing in total number, there are about forty Italians while the Americans are 585 Americans and the Chinese 373. Regardless of nationality, 67% would be entrepreneurs, including the first in the ranking who this year is the founder of, Jeff Bezos, with 92 billion.

Returning to President Trump, he lost 222 positions in 2018, moving from 544th to 766th. Among the 16 richest Italians of him, in addition to those we have already nominated for the top ten, there are also the four Benetton brothers, Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada. Italians are rich, but not as rich as Trump, including Ennio Doris, Piero Ferrari, Sandro Veronesi, Diego Della Valle (1339), Nicola Bulgari, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana and Massimo Moratti.

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