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Itchy hair

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Theitchy hairhas severalcauses, among the main ones there is certainly dandruff, dry skin and therefore dehydration. Unfortunately, often theitchy hairhascausespsychosomatic: particularly stressful periods of life, unexpressed anxieties and emotional tensions, can be expressed through theitchy scalp.

In this article, as well as talk about thecauses of itchy hair, I'll show you somenatural and non-natural remedies that can come in handy. I know it's bad to say and you probably already know it but… if you haveitchy hairyou shouldn't scratch. By scratching, you only exacerbate the problem and intensify it. How can you resist? Thanks to soothing products and a visit to the dermatologist.

Itchy hair: causes and treatment. Dermatological advice.

Itchy hair: causes

The factors thattrigger itchy hair they can be multiple and, in the medical field, we speak of two large macro-categories:causesendogenous, exogenous causes.

The endogenous causes are:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Hormonal factors
  • Dry skin and dandruff problems
  • Skin diseases that affect the scalp such as scalp eczema, guttate psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, mycosis of the scalp, scabies, plaque psoriasis or other types of psoriasis.

For the long list of skin diseases they can causeitchy scalp, it is of fundamental importance to consult a good dermatologist. The dermatologist will be able to analyze the presence of particular skin diseases and identify thecauseof your specific case.

Thecausesexogenous are those external factors that can cause itchy hair. The list includes factors such as:

  • Jump in temperature
  • Excessive exposure to heat
  • Lack of humidity in the air
  • Excessive humidity in the air
  • UV exposure
  • The use of shampoos or other hair products that are too aggressive or unsuitable for your type of scalp
  • Too frequent hair washing
  • Poor hygiene
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Dialysis
  • The use of particular drugs
  • Use of caps and scarves that can irritate the scalp

The "exogenous causes" are easier to verify. For example, try washing your hair twice a week and using a natural shampoo based on remedies that canrelieve itchy hair. Read the contraindications of the drugs you use and try to improve the cleanliness of the environment in which you live.

Other symptoms besides the itchy head

The itchy scalp can be accompanied by other symptoms such as: dryness, redness, scaliness, hypersensitivity of the affected area, pain, roughness, skin thickening, hair loss ... The problem is that many of thesesymptomsthey trigger even if you scratch intensely. So you will not be able to know, independently, if it is symptomsrelated to a skin condition or your conduct. Try not to scratch and see how i evolvesymptoms. Then, as stated, a visit to a dermatologist is a must!

Itchy hair: remedies

How to pass the itchy head? Also in this case we can list two large macro-categories ofremedies. Remedies that involve healthier habits and remedies that involve the use of specific products.

If your head is itchy, you will need to:

  • Change pillow cases more often.
  • Wash sheets and pillow cases with natural detergents (do not exclude that among the external causes there may be allergens deposited on the pillowcases as washing residues).
  • Shampoo twice a week using a soothing product.
  • Stop using gel, hairspray or hair spray.
  • Avoid scratching yourself.
  • Limits exposure to swimming pool chlorine and sunlight.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Keep well hydrated, drink lots of water!

After having analysedhow to cure itchy hairwith good conduct, let's move on toproducts to counteract itchy hair.

You have the choice betweennatural remediesand pharmaceutical products such as shampoos and drops based on different active ingredients, very effective are those soothingwith urea. And what about thenatural remedies, do they work? In reality it is all very subjective, especially when the itch is of psychosomatic origin.

Products against itchy hair

As a natural remedy I can tell you about the use of onephysiological shampoo with calendula. Calendula is very soothing and canrelieve itching. You can find physiological shampoo on Amazon or at the pharmacy.

On the front of pharmaceutical remedies, there is no shortagesoothing shampoosfor the scalp and skin protection. If you don't want to limit yourself to shampoo, there are ad hoc drops.

What drops against itchy head? Among the many products on the market, I have personally had a positive response with Eucerin Dermo Capillare that reallyrelieves itchy hair.

What is it made of? Urea (soothing), Licochalcone A (anti-inflammatory properties) and Polydocanol (it is a co-factor that relieves itching, it is used in many medications against skin diseases that cause itching). It is free of salts, fragrances or parabens.

How to use? It should be applied directly on theitchy scalp. Gently massage and leave it on. You do not have to rinse after application. Counteracts itching and prevents its appearance by carrying out an anti-inflammatory action.

Where to buy it? It can be found in pharmacies or on Amazon, where you can buy it for 17.39 euros with free shipping costs. For all the info, I refer you to the official Amazon page dedicated to drops: Eucerin Dermo Capillare.

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