Jaw pain, treatment and prevention

Jaw pain, treatment and prevention

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Jaw Pain: Helpful Tips for Relieving Pain. The causes, the most suitable natural treatments and what to do to prevent the problem.

Pain in the jaw is a rather frequent mild discomfort which, if neglected, can become stinging and intense; the pain can extend to the face. It typically occurs when the jaw joints move. This happens when the teeth are not perfectly aligned with each other.

But not only! Jaw pain can also arise if you have a bad habit of grinding your teeth (a disorder known as bruxism), when you have neck injuries, or if you are punched in the face.

Pain in the jaw, causes

It should be noted that it is good to identify the cause by consulting the opinion of your doctor to treat the problem in the most appropriate way. Among the most common causes we have

Teeth grinding (bruxism)

The bad habit of grinding the teeth (voluntarily or involuntarily) is among the main causes of jaw pain. It is a disorder also known as bruxism; there are those who do it while sleeping or when they are under stress.

The pressure exerted when grinding your teeth is five times stronger than when chewing food. This leads to wear of the dental enamel and obviously also pain in the jaw. If this bad habit continues repeatedly, it can also cause dislocation of the jaw and headache.

For further information, I refer you to reading the article "Bruxism: symptoms, consequences and natural remedies"


Osteomyelitis is an infection that involves bones and tissues. This disorder can cause facial inflammation, high fever, and jaw pain. The most effective treatment involves the use of antibiotics. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to remove the various bone parts that have died from the infection.

Tooth abscess

If neglected, the dental abscess can extend and cause a bad infection in the tooth area. We can distinguish two types:

  • Periapical, when it affects the root of the tooth.
  • Periodontal, when it affects the gums.

When the infection also involves tissues close to the bones, pain in the jaw is inevitable. The abscess can also inflame the lymphatic ganglia and cause fever. In these cases it is necessary to consult a dentist

Pain in the jaw, remedies

We have widely found that jaw pain can have different causes and levels of intensity. If you do not act promptly, the problem can impair your ability to speak or eat. Fortunately, mother nature offers us several very effective natural remedies for jaw pain.

Making ice packs

Ice packs can ease the pain but be careful never to apply ice directly to the face. Here's how to proceed:

  • Pour the ice into a plastic bag.
  • Wrap the bag around a dry cloth
  • Apply ice to the painful area for about 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the treatment at least 5 times a day for at least a week

Choose the right diet

If you suffer from jaw pain, you should give up on foods that are too hard or crunchy, such as dried fruit, raw vegetables, hard bread or biscuits. Better to opt for foods that require less chewing such as soups, soups, cooked vegetables, velvets, soft cheeses. Especially foods with a high content of magnesium, calcium and vitamins A and C.

Other foods to avoid are those that contain caffeine. This substance can cause tension in the jaw muscles and temporomandibular joints… which means pain in the jaw.

Massage the sore area

Massages help improve blood flow and relieve tension. They are therefore a good option for relieving jaw pain regardless of the cause. The massage must be done very gently in order to avoid complications. You need to get coconut oil or olive oil. Here's how to proceed:

  • with the index and middle fingers, massage the painful area for a few minutes making circular movements
  • Open and close your mouth slowly as you massage
  • Repeat the treatment at least 2 times a day.

Pain in the jaw, useful recommendations

  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Don't yawn with your mouth very open, chew a lot of gum
  • Avoid hard foods
  • Do not sit incorrectly

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