Robot lawn mower, how to choose it

Robot lawn mower, how to choose it

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Choose thebest robotic lawnmowerit is not simple: each of us has different needs, what can be thebest robotic lawnmowerfor one gardener it may be a bad choice for another. It is for this reason that we ofIdeeGreen.itwe will explain to youhow to choose the robotic lawnmowerperfect!

Let's analyze the first features that you can consider more or less useful. Existprogrammable robotic lawnmowers with or withoutWifi. The “programmable” ones have a display on the body through which it is possible to set the frequency and duration of the cut. There is no lack of more avant-garde models where theprogramming can takes place via a controlWifi.

With iwifi lawn mower you can mow your holiday home even when you are out of town! This option may seem appealing, but it is completely useless for those who do lawn maintenance themselves.

How to choose a robotic lawnmower

THErobotic lawnmowerspresent on the market are able to satisfy every expectation. Existrobotic lawnmowerto operate on small areas (from 100 - 150 square meters) and models capable of operating on much less modest areas: up to 20,000 square meters!

The firstchoiceit is done based on the surface fromto cut. For surfaces smaller than 500 square meters, a basic model with a cutting width of up to 25 cm will suffice.

For surfaces up to 1500 - 2000 square meters, you can chooserobotic lawnmowermedium performance, with a cutting base up to 35 cm. It is clear that if the surface is very large, it will be necessary to focus on larger models, with a cutting width of 50 to 80 cm.

Lawnmower without perimeter wire

THErobotic lawnmower, even if they are intelligent, they need toborderswithin which to move. For this reason, most of the models on the market need the preliminary installation of a perimeter wire in the area affected by the cut.

In other words, with the appropriate wire, it will be necessary to trace a perimeter. The wire can be easily fixed to the ground, using simple staples.

Thanks to the "guideline", therobotic lawnmowercan be routed up to the charging season. In this way, the operation can be fully automated.

Then there are godslawnmower without perimeter wire, theserobotic lawnmowerthey do not require any preliminary preparation: they havesensorsable to recognize the underlying grass, so therobotwill not leave the lawn area!

More sophisticated models oflawnmower without perimeter wire come with aGPS sensor, thanks to which they manage to orient themselves avoiding overlapping the areas of the lawn already cut.

It is clear that, in this context, thebest robotic lawnmowerit is the GPS one, able to return to its charging station autonomously and maximize cutting efficiency.

Robotic lawnmower sensors

Other features to check at the time of purchase are those "pluses" that some models have. THErobotic lawnmowerlatest generation integrate different types of sensors.

Some sensors allow you toautomatically adjust the power and rotation speed of the bladesbased on the height of the embankment. In this way the activity of the lawn mower it is always commensurate with real needs, which means: energy saving, longer life of the motor and of the mechanical components of the device.

The sensors are then able to recognize the areas of lawn that have already been mowed to avoid idling and wasting energy. They are able to "detect" jolts, steps, obstacles ... for example, if the lawn to be mowed is steep, it is better to have a device with such sensors.

As stated, there are alsolawn mowerwhich are wifi programmable, via bluetooth or which have a security pin as a lock and anti-theft setting.

Battery lawn mower

The robotic lawnmowers are equipped withrechargeable batterieslithium ion. L'autonomyit is a crucial factor in determining the price. Battery autonomy varies from 1 to 5 hours. Charging times range from one and a half to two hours.

Charging takes place autonomously, therobotic lawnmowerreaches the charging station but this must be placed in an accessible position. Avoid placing the charging station in direct sunlight to avoid the risk of the battery overheating. If the battery overheats it tends to lose its autonomy more quickly.


The robotic lawnmower does not require any particular maintenance. Just clean the cutting unit with a simple brush and with the help of water to remove grass residues.

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