Chiarissima, Festival of Well-Being and Vitality

Chiarissima, Festival of Well-Being and Vitality

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Chiarissima ®, the Festival of Well-Being and Vitality has come to his X edition and this year it will present itself to the public with multiple events, initiatives, many guests.

The review will take place as always in the historic Villa Mazzotti in Chiari (BS) on the days of Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May 2019.

This year the title chosen is "Well-Being-Environment-Society"To be interpreted as the synthesis of a 10-year path that maintains the goal of creating a harmonious and peaceful society, respectful of man and the environment that surrounds him.

The well-being at three hundred and sixty degrees, both on an individual, social and collective level, it will be the "center" of everything. The schedule is full of events, all strictly open to access, with free-classes dedicated to holistic and bio-natural disciplines, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, Shiatsu.

Visitors can also attend book presentations, debates, vegetarian and vegan cooking show-cooking. There will also be thematic workshops suitable for adults and children.

Chiarissima ®: some of the guests of the 2019 edition

Among the guests expected to Chiarissima ® Tite Togni, founder of Yoga4 runner is Lorenza Ferragutti.

Selene Calloni Williams, documentary maker, shamanism expert and authors of many books will hold an interesting workshop on the ideals and techniques of shinrin-yoku, the art of immersion in nature.

The teacher Massimo Frosi will give life to the second in the park in front of the villa Taiji festival with open hands-on demonstrations of Qi Gong.

Chiarissima ® 2019: the exhibitors

This year, 130 exhibitors from the holistic world and bio-natural disciplines will be present at Chiarissima who will offer visitors a rich range of products for personal and environmental care: from clothing made of natural fibers and made with full respect of a green economy, ethnic furniture, natural products for the body, healthy food and drinks.

There are many schools present who will be able to present their philosophy of well-being.

Chiarissima ® 2019: conferences and workshops

Among the many conferences planned for this edition I point out Filoxenia, organized by We are Onlus, with evidence of the war in Syria and refugee camps. Expected guests Amedeo Ricucci, RAI journalist war correspondent, Omar Alshakal, founder of the Refuges4refuges association and Orlando Amodeo, doctor of the Crotone State Police.

Regarding the theme of refugees and fleeing from countries at war, he will be present at the festival with images that will touch everyone's conscience, the Spanish photojournalist Gabriel Tizon, winner of numerous international awards: will present his exhibition entitled 21st Century and his book Vidas.

With the "Laboratories for the earth" we will once again speak in depth about a new social pact between man and the earth, increasingly mistreated and impoverished due to exploitation without rules and limits.

Chiarissima ® and music

Music will play an important role at Chiarissima®. Its power is that it breaks down borders, unites and frees the mind from negative thoughts.

This year Alessandro Sironi, creator of "Piano mirroring" will translate into notes the sensations that the person in front of him will arouse.

Strong sensations will also awaken two other welcome guests: Tommy Kuti, Afro-Italian singer will perform on Saturday night and Sandro Joyeux, sing vagabond.

The dining area of ​​Chiarissima ® 2019

Also this year at Chiarissima® there will be a refreshment area with natural and healthy food, with the possibility of choosing between vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Nutrition plays a primary role in achieving well-being and on this issue it will be possible to attend dedicated show cooking.

An awaited and welcome guest of this edition will be Alessandra Dogali, expert in "local vegan cuisine”.

Chiarissima ® 2019: timetables

Chiarissima ® 2019 will be accessible to all welcome visitors with free admission at the following times:

  • Friday 10 May: from 3pm to 8pm.
  • Saturday 11 May: from 9.30 to 22.
  • Sunday 12 May: from 9.30 to 22.

Chiarissima ® 2019: how to get there

To get to Villa Mazzotti by car, take the A4 motorway to at the "Palazzolo sull’Oglio" or "Rovato" exit and arrive in Chiari along the former state road 11. You can also use the Bre.Be.Mi. exiting at "Chiari Est" (from Brescia) or "Chiari Ovest" (from Milan). Given the theme of the festival, however, if you can, better take the train, stopping at Chiari station on the Milan-Brescia or Milan-Venice line. The Villa is located a few hundred meters away!

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