Eating insects, where and how

Eating insects, where and how

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Eating insectsit's not for everyone. The real question is:are we ready to eat insects in Italy?In many countries theinsectsrepresent a nutritious and sustainable food choice from an environmental point of view. In Italy not everyone is enthusiastic about this novelty and it is difficult to understand where to eat insects.

The European Union regulation 2015/2283 includes a small note that includes theinsectsamong the so-called "food novelties "of the old continent. This note onNovel Food has opened the doors to the use ofinsects to eatand therefore, to be included in human nutrition.

The aforementioned regulation came into force on January 1st 2018 and after many years, however, there are not so many Italian restaurants where you can eat insects!

Different speech for the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Denmark where the insects are ready to reach the table!

Insects to eat

Theinsects to eatthey are part of the food and wine tradition of a good number of foreign countries… not only Asian countries: Mexico boasts the largest collection of recipes containing insects. Chapulines (boiled, toasted and salted grasshoppers and used to nibble with an aperitif, like our peanuts!) Or escamoles (ant larvae used a bit like we use sturgeon eggs) are just two examples.

What insects do you eat?

Among othersinsects that you eatwe remember crickets, moths, moths, some scorpions, the larvae of various other insects.

Eating insects

Eating insects would be good for the environment. A study developed by the University of Tokyo and published in 2016 in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, highlighted the good nutritional impact that the dietary consumption of insects would have.

The study describes theinsectsas "healthy and nutritious food" provided, as for all other foods, it is produced in a healthy and controlled environment.

Why are insects a healthy food? For protein and energy yield. Even if we consider the protein nutritional profile and therefore the quality of amino acids provided, the insects come out on top. And on the micronutrient front? Don't worry! There is no shortage of minerals and vitamins. With just one cricket steak you get more or less the same amount of protein and fat as the classic beef steak, plus the cricket steak is able to cover an adult's daily requirement of several micronutrients.

In conclusion,eating insectsit could represent the new frontier of food sustainability, as meat production has a harmful impact on the environment. Per capita meat consumption is constantly increasing (this is reported by the FAO, stating that per capita meat consumption has quadrupled in the last five years). In the food scenario, insects could drastically reduce harmful emissions related to meat production.

Environmental sustainability

Going back to our beef, if you need 10,000 liters of water and 10 kg of feed to produce a beef steak, to get the equivalent of "cricket steak" you only need 200 liters of water and 1.5 kg of feed ... and cricket food can also be obtained from food waste!

Where to eat insects in Italy?

Ok, environmental sustainability has convinced you and now you want to understand if it isinsectsthey can satisfy your palate. Here is the crucial question: in which restaurant is it possible to eat insects in Italy?

Given that, many companies are still confused about the procedure to follow in order to produce insects, so the proposal in our country is very limited. This premise is necessary to emphasize that almost certainly the restaurants they serveinsects to eatthey use raw materials imported from abroad and not produced locally. This would increase the environmental impact of your reach due to the harmful emissions related to transport.

In Corciano (in the province of Perugia) there is a restaurant that dedicates its name to the world of insects. It is called Bugs Gourmet and also offers a bar corner where it is possible to have aperitifs based on insects and cakes enriched with spiders.

Restaurants where you can eat insects or lounge bars that offer themed evenings "insect - food of the future -they are scattered almost everywhere on the national territory. There is no shortage in Naples, Salerno, Rome, Milan, Bologna… At this point we just have to wish you good luck for the palate and bon appétit!

In the photo above, the colorful chapulinas (jumped and colored grasshoppers) for sale for human consumption in the Benito Juárez market, in Oaxaca de Juárez (Mexico). In the center, a plate of escamoles with vegetables.

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