Candles against frost in the Novacella vineyards

Candles against frost in the Novacella vineyards

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Temperatures drop in unsuspecting times and in South Tyrol efforts are being made to limit the damage of these increasingly frequent climatic tantrums has drawn out candles against frost in the vineyards of Novacella.

It is not a way of saying or even a metaphorical expression, thousands and thousands of candles have really been placed in the valleys of this area well known for its numerous and precious vineyards in an attempt to raise the temperature and thus prevent the crop could be damaged. In particular, the important thing was to make sure that the unexpected frost, and anomalous for the month of May, even went so far as to freeze the sprouts of the vines, compromising their growth and their yield, at least as regards quality. if not also the quality.

The frost candles placed between the rows of vines they are certainly not a spectacle we are used to, not even the inhabitants ofSouth Tyrol they are as they do not even have the habit of having to face these low temperatures. This is not about alarmism or having to make news by force, there are the data that speak for themselves.

What emerges it was from 1987 that May has never been so cold in these areas. In recent days, however, in this May 2019 they were recorded in Solda -9 degrees, in Selva di Val Gardena -7 and in Dobbiaco -6. If we leave the vineyards and orchards and go to the cities, we manage to gain a few degrees but we remain in the anomalous temperature range with a - 3 degrees registered in both Vipiteno and Brunico. Spring is "not arrived" in these parts, even in many other areas of Italy it is hard to believe that in just over a month there will be the official beginning of summer, at least according to the calendar.

Although definitely suggestive, it is spectacle of candles against frost in the vineyards it is an unpleasant sign and that does not only concern the vineyards. In fact, the same treatment against low temperatures has also been implemented in apple orchards and in various plantations, for example of apricots where farmers have access. thousands of small fires.

To be sure they have put in place all the solutions to preserve their harvest, the result of months and months, if not years, of work, the inhabitants have also activated the so-called anti-frost irrigation. This method involves creating a layer of ice on the trees to prevent damage to the flowering. As with candles, it was also a spectacular landscape, undoubtedly strange but with a poetic touch if it were not an extreme solution to what is a climatic anomaly linked to our very bad "management" of the planet.

The candles against frost as well as theanti-frost irrigation these are methods that we can also find applied in other areas of Italy, those who work in the sector can confirm this. Of course, this does not mean that these are not truly exceptional measures that are only implemented when extraordinary events occur.

Novacella vineyards: information

We take the opportunity of this emergency, which we never wanted to tell, to remind everyone where the Novacella vineyards are and how exceptional they are. These are vineyards belonging to theAugustinian Abbey of Novacella, located in the immediate vicinity ofBressanone, in the province of Bolzano. This structure also has a considerable historical and artistic importance because it is considered one of the most important abbeys in northern Italy and the Alpine Arc. In May 1956 it was also elevated to a minor basilica by Pope Pius XII.

The vineyards that have made headlines are spread around it and are the protagonists of the well-known because historical estate. The order of Augustinians who lives in the Abbey deals with the production of wine also carrying out all normal religious activities. One thing does not exclude the other and everything happens harmoniously, thanks also to the "direction" ofCelestino Lucin winemaker.

Let's not imagine a place that has remained out of time in which production is carried out with ancient methods, progress has also arrived here and latest technologies are combined with tradition giving an extra gear to the Abbey that draws sustenance from this activity. In addition to wine, the cultivation and sale of agricultural products such as fragrant aromatic herbs and fruit make money.

In the Cantina di Novacella we can find white wines from the Isarco Valley such as Sylvaner, Müller Thurgau, Kerner, Gewürztraminer and the Grüner Veltliner. For red wines, you have to move to the Abbey vineyards located further south in South Tyrol; in this case the Lagrein in the Bolzano farm of Mariaheim, the Schiava Gentile, the Pinot Nero and the Moscato Rosa in the Marklholf farm in Cornaiano / Appiano.

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