TAPP Water: cleaner, healthier tap water with a reduced environmental impact

TAPP Water: cleaner, healthier tap water with a reduced environmental impact

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There are many fake news circulating on tap water. We recall, for example, the false belief that it is not safe, or the one that claims that it is worse than bottled water. All this translates into a distrust of the water that flows from our taps, leading to a series of chain consequences. First of all, the immense diffusion of plastic bottles which, as we all know, involve a environmental impact devastating. Impact that could be significantly limited by consuming tap water, ahealthy and perfectly drinkable water.

It is precisely from this awareness that the TAPP Water project was born and developed.

Consumption of bottled water in Italy

With 224 liters per year per capita Italy is the protagonist of a particular "primacy", representing the third country in the world in the consumption of bottled water.* This is an alarming fact, if we consider that Italian tap water is of quality and offers all the necessary health safety measures.

This is due, not only but in large part, to a whole series of erroneously widespread false beliefs. For example, it is thought that bottled water is healthier. In reality, the water in our aqueducts is strictly controlled by the local health authorities. It is also believed that water that has a high sodium content is bad for health. We know that in the presence of certain diseases, a reduced intake of this mineral is recommended. But the percentage of sodium taken through water has a completely negligible effect compared to that absorbed from food. Suffice it to say that to ingest only one gram of sodium in water, we should drink about 20 liters per day.

Many families also opt to buy plastic bottles because they consider the taste oftap water.

The history of TAPP Water

Behind TAPP Water there is the experience of Magnus Jern is Alex Schwarz that ten years ago they left their respective native countries, Sweden and Germany, to move to Barcelona. Once in the Catalan capital, Magnus and Alex were surprised to try the water from the city taps, with a very different taste from what they were used to. In fact, in Sweden and Germany, as well as in most European countries, tap water is clean and of good taste, and therefore widely used for both drinking and cooking.

Magnus and Alex were able to feel firsthand the problem that this situation entails not only in Barcelona, ​​but throughout southern Europe. They therefore carried out a two-year research to study in depth tap water in Spain as well as filtering technologies and the behavior of Spanish citizens in purchasing and water consumption. With a very specific purpose: to find the better filtering system.

Their research found that tap water is of high quality in much of the country, although it usually has an unpleasant taste. And this is a challenge that concerns other European nations, including Italy.

From this premise, the idea was born to create a filter that was easy to install, comfortable for daily use and that offered good tasting water at an affordable price, while reducing the environmental impact caused by tons of plastic bottles thrown around the world every year.

In 2016, in Barcelona, ​​TAPP Water was born, a company that produces biodegradable water filters. Alongside Magnus Jern and Alexander Schwarz they joined forces Rocío Alcocer is Jeff Cardarelli. Four partners driven by a common goal: to offer cleaner, healthier tap water with minimal environmental impact.

After testing more than 50 filters and different technologies, the partners have finally developed the type of filter that gets the cleanest and best water in Spain.

TAP 1, the company's first product, was launched in June 2016. TAPP 1s, the first shower filter, came to light in December 2016. Following the success of its first product, TAPP Water launched in November 2017 STOP 2.

TAPP Water filters

TAPP 2: the first 100% biodegradable tap filter

TAPP 2 is the first filter with completely biodegradable cartridges on the market, with a useful life of approximately three months. The cartridges, made of biodegradable PLA plastic, biodegradable rubber and a 100% natural block of activated carbon obtained from coconut shells, eliminate over eighty different pollutants as well as heavy metals.

TAPP 2 is a filter smart. In fact, it features a chip Bluetooth BLE 4.0 that connects to the MyTAPP mobile application, providing constant updates on the cartridge status. The app also offers information on savings and the positive environmental impact compared to the purchase of plastic bottles.

TAPP 1s: the shower filter

There are many advantages associated with the use of shower filters. These products help reduce the problems that can arise from impurities in the water when they come into contact with our skin and hair. Shower filters are therefore particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin, as well as for children and the elderly.

TAPP Water, health and the environment

TAPP Water has so far managed to avoid the consumption of 10 million plastic bottles, equivalent to 30 football fields filled with 1.5 liter bottles. Looking ahead to 2020, the company expects to avoid the purchase of approximately 1 billion plastic bottles, with the sale of 1.2 million filters.

The TAPP Water Team

The 100% natural activated carbon block allows you to eliminate the bad taste and odor of water, in addition to chlorine, microplastics, agricultural chemicals, pesticides and other compounds that can remain in public water after sanitation treatments, while respecting the supply of minerals useful for the body, such as magnesium, potassium or iron .

TAPP filters are also wallet-friendly, guaranteeing substantial savings: water filtered from the tap is in fact up to 130 times cheaper than bottled water.

* Source Censis 2018

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